Match Play Events Open Thread


That’s what I am seeing now using net wins in Flip Frenzy. The differential is now 2 points (+1 for a W or -1 for a L) so now we are seeing people only concede if there is little chance they can catch up.


The problem I see with this is that players will be motivated to leave the tournament (deactivate) after they have achieved their best possible win ratio. Of course they will need to play 50% of the games to be eligible. One fix is to force all players to stay in the tournament and if they leave continue to take a loss but I don’t like that for a number of reasons.

I just realised that the tie breaker algorithm (most/fewest games played) needs to be reversed for players that have negative net wins.

eg if we break ties by fewest games played (ie highest win ratio) then currently ties with a negative score are broken by highest loss ratio, which is probably the reverse of what we want.


The available tiebreaker options in Match Play are most wins, or fewest losses.

For players with a negative score (i.e., more losses than wins), these two options produce the same results. Players with more wins/better win percentage are ranked higher that those with fewer wins/worse win percentage.

This is surely exactly what we want.


Any chance to add 24 player bracket to “Single Elimination Bracket” with Top 8 receiving byes so Super States can use for State Championship Jan. 19th?


On a related note, does Match Play handle all the consolation matches for this kind of bracket for us non-super states?


If you create a 32-player single elimination bracket, but only add 24 players to your tournament you’ll get what you want.

It does not. Only a bronze match for 3rd/4th and a consolation match for 5th-8th will be created. The only time people play out all spots are for SCS and Josh hasn’t sent me any of those IFPA dollars :wink:


Well, you get some of my dollars. :slight_smile: Let me know if you want a few more to make it happen. It would be well worth it for me to to be able to handle it electronically rather than printing this thing out and doing it by hand every year.


I understand not wanting to print out that thing :flushed:

Would you mind adding a new suggestion to about “playing out every position in a single elimination bracket” and include a link to your spreadsheet?

It for sure won’t happen before the SCS finals – I can’t even get double elim. brackets done and that’s only two brackets! I’d like to track this suggestion properly, but as always can’t guarantee anything :frowning:


thanks, Luke, that is exactly what we want


I will be running my first Flip Frenzy in February. Wanted to know what everyone was doing for Arenas. For example, if you had 40 people registered for the tournament with 8 people in the queue this means you will have 16 arenas being played at once. If you setup the tournament with only 16 arenas, then all matches will be played on those 16 machines. However, I will be running this tournament at a place that has 25 arenas. If I activate all 25 arenas then the players will get to play a larger variety of machines.

What’s the preferred method everyone is using?


Not necessarily. There’s a larger pool yes, but realistically there will be games that are never played by people and one that’s are played multiples of times.

Same with opponents. I say use all the games. Doesn’t hurt anything imo, and they are already in the system should one go down and you need to swap one in.

Also I’d think about pushing the queue to 10 to give more rest to those waiting to play. 20% was a little too low for my crowd. YMMV though.


Can you expand on this a little more? Isn’t the purpose of this format to play more pinball? If I make the queue bigger, doesn’t that reduce the number of games played at the end of the day?


If you want less wait time, and more pinball, reduce the queue. If you want more wait time and less pinball, increase the queue.

My players asked for more time to breath between games. People like to smoke, get a drink, etc. YMMV.


When we ran the event and we were crunched on time and wanted to maximize TGP, we limited the arenas to the fastest playing games to try to get as close to 25 TGP as we could in a two-hour timeframe.

Given that the upcoming one that you are running is 3 hours of qualifying + an A-Division Finals, you should have no problem hitting 25 TGP in that timeframe. Therefore, I would include as many of the arenas as you can, because:

  • With limited arenas, you’ll purposely end up with two games in a row on the same machine. If I end up on KISS Bally and you’re on Spider-Man, I am going to get through my games much quicker. With more arenas, you’ll always bounce over to a new game which should should make distribution of games marginally more “fair” over the course of three hours.
  • I would purposely take out any super-long playing games - or - set number of Tilt Warnings to 0 on those games. They will play a LOT quicker.
  • Don’t include games with unlimited balls (like Safecracker) as that will mess up the TGP calculation

I like the idea of starting with an 8-person queue (20% of the field). If you find that it’s going too slow/too fast, you can add/remove arenas on the fly to adjust wait times of the queue.


Thanks for the feedback! Looks like we are all set for February’s event! My plan is to definitely remove any longer playing games and I think I’m going to disable ball saves.


We left in every working game in a recent one I ran and people there wanted a smaller queue. A pro tip if you want to adjust the queue after the fact to reduce it you can just click the machine list on the left and add a match there (h/t @haugstrup) (will send a screen shot shortly).

We also used a mix of all eras and as you can see from the stats some players played fewer games b/c of playing longer modern games (the games that were listed zero or 1 times were either not in the actual tournament or went down early).

Since you have playoffs I think mixing it up a lot is fine. I think others have stated that this is a great qualifying format for a more serious tournament but for more casual is fine as a standalone as well. Definitely fun and lots of pinball to be played!


I created this screen shot to address what I wrote above…


I’m watching a Flip Frenzy tournament in progress. Is there no way to see results? I can only see current matches and the queue. Is it supposed to be a surprise at the end to see how you and other players did? I don’t get it.


The tournament organizer decides whether to display the standings during the tournament or not. In this case the organizer has chosen to keep them hidden


Thank you. Is that choice frozen once the tournament is started or can it be changed while in progress?