Match Play Events Open Thread


There is not, but you should vote for this suggestion:


It’s an unintended side effect. You also can’t move players from group to group or change arenas or anything. In an ideal world all these actions should be possible, but because reasons they’re not right now :confused:

I hear you and many many others that this is a real problem.

One thing is what @chuckwurt alludes to: If you have “additional scorekeepers” enabled the results will update once a minute or so to pull in results the scorekeepers may have entered (same thing if players can suggest their own results). As this refresh happens there’s a bug where results you’re in the process of entering will be cleared. It’s very annoying.

Separate from that there appears to be some general glitchiness happening.


I don’t have additional scorekeepers or player suggested results selected. Must still try that refresh regardless.


The random resetting of results entry is def not just you, I have had it happen on my PC and my Ipad when entering results.


Flip Frenzy tournaments

You can now organize Flip Frenzy (a.k.a. Pinball! Pinball! Pinball!) tournaments on Match Play. You can use a virtual queue or run your own queue. If you opt for you own queue MP is just a vehicle for keeping track of results.

With a virtual queue MP will manage the entire tournament. A countdown timer will keep track of your tournament time so you don’t accidentally keep the tournament running for too long. You can handle players who don’t show up for their games and machine malfunctions.

There’s quite a bit of freedom hidden in the configuration options as well. You can specify the initial queue size and MP will rotate arenas if you have “too many” arenas.

Flip Frenzy is a hectic format I strongly suggest anyone wanting to organize these tournaments create a couple of test tournaments in order to become familiar with all the new buttons. You won’t have time once the tournament clock starts running!

A few implementation notes:

  • There are a few variants on how players are rotated out there. MP implements only one: The old Player 1 becomes the new Player 2 and the old Player 2 moves to the back of the queue.
  • If you have more arenas available than needed, MP will rotate the arenas for each game. In other words: The newly created game may not be on the same arena as the previous game and you should have both Player 1 and Player 2 report results because the new game will not necessarily be on the same arena.
  • Tournament position is determined by number of net wins (number of wins minus the number of losses). Two tiebreaker options are available (“most wins” and “fewest losses”).

Thank you to half of Australia for providing feedback! @LCM @onetaste and a bunch of people I don’t know tiltforum names for :raised_hands:

Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! Tournament report and format discussion

For the first round, I assumed that the winner would be sent off, but when I ran the tournament, in some cases the winner was sent to the queue and in other cases it was the loser.

But, maybe always having played two go to the back of the queue is less confusing.

I think I’m still stuck in the mindset that going back to the queue is based on winning because that’s how it was done in the first Flip Frenzy I played.


Imagine yourself explaining both rules to your players. One is very easy to explain, the other much harder. I will always go for simplicity :slight_smile:


This flip frenzy format is a boat load of fun and great for mixing up beginners with better players. It is frantic and before this required a lot of administrative overhead. Now with matchplay I can run these tournaments and play in them at the same time. Yay!

Thanks, Andreas, for incorporating so many suggestions and all the work you put into this.


Love that this was adopted on Matchplay! I’m gonna try it.


So i just ran a test of this. So we have a queue of players waiting to play and a queue of unused arenas. Each time I select a winner there are one of three things that can happen:

  1. The winner goes to the queue
  2. The winner goes to new game against someone from the queue
  3. The winner stays on that game and plays a new person from the queue

is that right?


The winner of the game does not affect who gets placed in the queue. The sidebar on the “Queue” page describes what happens:

When you’ve recorded the result of a game, a new game will be created for you automatically:

  • Player 1 will become Player 2 on the new game
  • Player 2 will go to the bottom of the queue
  • The next player in the queue will become Player 1 on the new game

If you have unused arenas, one of the unused arenas will be picked to replace the current arena (the new game will always be on a new arena)


Thanks! Also just noticed you already have that info on the screen. Duh! Haha.

Edit: and players are allowed forfeit right?


That’s up to you to decide. Keep in mind that a forfeit counts as a loss so it’ll cost you in the standings to forfeit


I wouldn’t necessarily encourage this. You could explain wins minus losses, and then say something like: it’s in your best interest to play as well as it takes to win, but not any more than that. If someone wants to “forfeit”, they should have to hang around plunging their balls and hoping their opponent doesn’t keep playing.


Trying to decide if I’ll allow it. What’s have others done?

Edit. Just saw Ryan. Thanks.


No one has tried it the two times I’ve run it. It’s not an uber serious group, but people want to win.


I know at least one guy is going to pose it. I want to have my response ready. Haha


If someone asks you if they can forfeit, I would privately tell them that they need to “play all their balls” and leave it at that. Using the “lose quickly” method seems like a strategy that you can’t really stop, but I think it’s okay to give people credit for attempting that, without announcing it to all players as an available option.


Would forfeits affect TGP in the same way that “runaway score” does?



i heard on Head2Head that the said they had some rules to prevent those kind of shenanigans like happened previously when people ‘agreed’ to play a one ball game to make their wins happen faster etc. I wouldn’t allow it but like a runaway score, if you are losing like 48M to 50K on Funhouse start of ball 3 I might just take a loss but ‘play’ my ball out. But forfeiting after ball one etc. would affect TGP I think