Match Play Events Open Thread


An odd things I’m wondering about. Seems like for anyone that’s played in a monthly at Penn Skate, if you go to their list of MP tournaments it lists all Penn Skate monthly tournaments after that even if they didn’t play in it. It shows a blank for the finish position. Is the TD setting it up in some way that is causing this?

I also noticed in some tournaments with A, B and C division finals, it will list all 3 tournaments on my list (even though I was only in 1 division). For example it lists PracticeBurgh 2018 - B-Division even though I was in the A division finals.



Ugh, looks like a tiebreaker game was created, but MP let you create start the next round without having to enter results for the tiebreaker. I’ll look into it :frowning:


You can’t see it, but you were added to those tournaments. I’m guessing you were added to the tournament and immediately deactivated and never played any games. On your list of tournaments Match Play can’t distinguish between tournaments were you were added and immediately deactivated and tournaments were you played a couple of games and then deactivated.

That’s why you’re seeing more tournaments than expected on the list.


That’s good to know. I was thinking of pre-populating a tournament and deactivating folks that didn’t show up, to try to make registration run quicker. Glad, I saw this first.


I feel like this has been covered before. How to I straight up delete someone from a planned tournament? I only see an option of deactivating them.


Well, it seems like all the players (not just me) that ever played in one of those monthly tournaments are getting added every month after that even if they don’t play. I don’t know how it works for TDs. Something in the way they set it up?


All the tournaments I run are pre-populated. I deactivate anyone that doesn’t show up. Is this not correct?


You should absolutely prepopulate the player list before the tournament begins. It can save you a ton of time. Literally the only downside is that some players may see too many tournaments on their “played” list.


Okay I was afraid it was messing with some important stats.


Nah, I have to deal with all sorts of strange behavior to gather stats anyway. Do you know how many different ways people spell “The Addams Family” when adding it to their tournaments?

  1. Haha. Thanks for all the awesome work.


Oh cool. I’m running my first tournament next weekend, so I really haven’t played with the software much before.


When you clone a tournament, you get the option to clone settings, players, etc. I know that for our league we usually get the same people who come out, so it’s easier for me to clone the player list and adjust, as opposed to adding people from scratch. My presumption is that @Casey does a similar thing to speed up registration.

One they’re in, I deactivate them. This results in the situation you’re observing of having “participated” in an event that you didn’t play in. If you look at my player card, I have a lot of events that are blank in the results column.

That all being said, there’s no negative results from an IFPA perspective or a MatchPlay Ratings perspective. I didn’t play any games, so there’s nothing to feed into IFPA or to help/hurt my MatchPlay Rating.


I understand it doesn’t affect the ratings, but I still consider it somewhat inaccurate (and dare I say a bug?) to list those tournaments. Since I enjoy perusing players’ stats maybe I make too much of this and I understand there are more important things to fix and implement on MP. Thanks for explaining why it happens.


I’m looking for a tournament configuration option I can’t seem to find - is there a way to bias preference to three-player matches instead of four? It looks like group matchplay defaults to four and there’s no way to give preference to three - can I do this if I assign groups manually?


Couple things from this weekends 24 hour event. The option to start a round and not yet publish is great. But I find it a bit useless since it won’t let you print the scoresheets until it is published. Is that how it’s intended to act. We have a small break while everyone is at the food truck outside. I wanted to get the next rounds sheets ready to go but not have the info pushed to everyone’s phone already so they are panicing to get to their match or practicing a specific bank in anticipation.

The other one I know you have talked about it before. How names can be one order on a scoresheet and different on the submitting result page. It’s becuase of players who are tied and matchplay not knowing how to order them so it does it randomly I think and not consitent. Easy only it was a pain as many players are tied(even with tiebreakers turned on). After a few rounds it started to be less prevelant. When clicking 4,800 times over the course of the event to enter positions it’s hard to always catch the out of order names. Any chance someday matchplay can just list tied players in alphabetical order so it will be uniform everywhere? It’s hard to because often after clicking the results on a group who’s names are in a different order after closing the results for a game it reorganizes the names again into a different order!

One last note that I’m not sure if it’s just the computer/browsers I’m using but I notice sometimes as I’m clicking the names in order I could be going to click who was in 3rd or something and it removes the 1st and 2nd I already entered and starts over. I’ve just lived with it. It’s just a minor inconvience and always assumed it was on my end but figured I’d see if it happens to anyone else too. Again just one of those compounded things when you clicking so much for one event.

As always though the Final battle wouldn’t run so smooth if it wasn’t for matchplay. Thanks for that!




FWIW I see that semi-frequently when I run tournaments too and am not sure why that happens…


+1… happens all the time for me but I’ve also never been annoyed enough by it to bother mentioning it.


I seem to remember it being the website refreshing itself or something. Not sure if it can be changed or not.