Match Play Events Open Thread


Then I think he needs to register his profile with the ifpa and make sure it’s the same email as the Matchplay one.


none of the other players (inc me) had to do that?


Most likely scenario:
When you added the player to your tournament you added a player with an IFPA number (this is the default behavior).

The player (the person, not the database record) has a user account as well, but the IFPA number of the user account is not the same as the IFPA number of the player they’re trying to claim.

Or the user account doesn’t have an IFPA number attached at all.

Have the player click on this link to add their IFPA number:


I’ve tried my best to make things as automatic as possible, but things generally break down if people have had multiple IFPA numbers at some point in the past or if they use different email addresses on IFPA and MP


Thanks that fixed it.


Finals format question: If I want eight players, four player groups, top two advance what format do I pick? Single elimination gave me head to head, group match play showed total points instead of finishing order by round.


I’m pretty sure it would be “Group elimination bracket / PAPA finals”, and then you pick “8 player bracket”.


Has anyone had an issue adjusting points? I started a finals using 7-5-3-1 and tried to manually adjust them to 4-2-1-0 and MP simply wasn’t having it. Subtracted 3 from first place and MP showed 0. Then added 4 and MP showed 11. I gave up at that point.


The point adjustment is a single adjustment. Subsequent adjustments are not cumulative, they replace previous adjustment


Huge thanks to Andreas - ran my first tournament at the weekend, had one issue that was my own stupid fault (And Andreas helped me super quick) but it ran beautifully and the players loved being able to see what was going on online. I don’t know how you nominate to the pinball hall of fame but Andreas gets my vote!

Thanks again,


Minor note about MP Ratings: I noticed that it’s viewing wins and losses backwards when using Pingolf scoring. It’s seeing the stroke totals as if they’re normal finals points.



Well that’s embarrassing. I’ll get that fixed soon