Match Play Events Open Thread


I played in a tourney last week, and noticed that the TD created it four times (The Official Unofficial Ghostbuster LE Launch Party and Tournament 9/8/2016). I know that a couple of those were because he entered the players, generated the first round of matches (4 person matchplay) and then realized that he had failed to entered a few players. That happened twice. Each time, I believe that he cloned the previous tournament, entered the new players, and re-generated the matches.

I don’t know if there’s a lesson there. I haven’t run a tournament, so I’m unfamiliar with the software. Seems like he was missing something, though. If you know what he was missing, then you can tell me (or him).


I would say to have him run a test version first to make sure it starts correctly and is running correctly. Then delete that and run a real version of it.


He told me afterward that he ran some dry runs beforehand!

After he generated the first round of matchups, could he have added new players (this is before any play had actually started)? I’m assuming that if he could have done this, then he would still have to regenerate the first round of matchups.


Pretty sure you can add players along the way depending on the tournament type.


Two things here:

  1. If the TD hasn’t recorded any results yet, he or she can just delete round (click the red trashcan icon at the bottom of the screen), add more players and start a new round. You don’t want to do this if people have already started to play because the new round will have completely different groups
  2. In almost any tournament format (I think group brackets and single elimination brackets are the exception) the TD can add more players at any time and those players will be included in the next round created.

Does that help?


Yes, that helps. Thanks! I’ll pass it on to him.


Any chance you could make it so that anyone can open a big screen view for a tournament from live? So you don’t have to be signed in to cast it on a bar TV?


Yes, I absolutely need to do this. The big screen view has some unfortunate history: It started its life as a paid feature and as such you had to be logged in so Match Play could know that you had a paid subscription.

Now that the big screen view is no longer a paid feature there’s no reason for the “you must be logged in” requirement. But all of the code that powers the big screen view was written with the assumption that you’d be logged in so I have the change quite a bit of stuff. I just haven’t gotten around to it :frowning:


No worries, it has completely replaced Brackelope at the venue I play at. Well done!


Remember those awesome graphs on player profiles at Pinburgh where you could see your tournament standings round-by-round?

I added those to Match Play today. They show up for all match play tournaments only (not on knockout tournaments or best game or whatever, only the “match play” type tournaments).

Example: My performance at last year’s SF City Champ

(yes, I know the y-axis should be inverted – it’s 11pm :slight_smile: )


HILARIOUS! We were just saying during the Cascadia cup 2016 that it would be awesome to see “Pinburgh-Graph” for this 8 rounds match play qualifier :wink:

So lower is better hu? :slight_smile:


I think it is tracking your position in the tournament, not your points, so yes lower is better. Given that I believe this is the last time I’ll ever see this:


Yes, tracks position and lower is better. Nice curve, Greg :slight_smile:


I guess instinctively I feel like high curve are better? :smiley:


I’m looking forward to running a card format (PAPA style) best game tournament using match play!


Me too! Unfortunately it’s taking longer than I thought because my day job has gotten a little more intense :flushed:


Is there a function to make the big screen scroll up and down automatically? I can’t find it if there is.


Apologies if this has already been addressed:

In a group knockout with player order set at “random”, some players often seems to have to play 1st an inordinate amount. Been awhile since I’ve tried different player order options. Is there an option that would help player order be more “balanced” throughout?

(Seeding is set at “Random”, pairing and draws are set at “Balanced”.

“Balanced” would seem to be the obvious choice, but since it is based on determining choice of order, I’m not sure if that would work. I don’t want players to have to be fussing with determining player order every round. Previously, I’ve had issues with this kind of solution.

“Rotating” seems like it would be just as good, but I don’t know if it’s even possible for that to work properly with my other settings.



I think rotating is what the arcade super awesome tournaments use. I don’t remember having to play in the same position a bunch of times during the same tournament.

I plan to do the same for our monthly free Friday tournaments, so I will report back if we experience any of the same issues.

EDIT: don’t do rotating per Andreas’s post below! Haha


There is not :frowning: But it’s a good idea!