Main St Amusement Pin-Golf Tournament Dec 6, 2015

Main St Amusement Pinball Open Pin-Golf Tournament 2015
642 Main St, Lafayette, IN 47901

Come play some pin-golf! Any questions please ask.

Sunday, Dec 6 2015
Open at 12n – Practice
1p- 3p: Tee Times ($15 entry plus coin drop)

The below set-up is subject to slight changes. We will draw the 9 Games the morning of, 28 games on site

  • Pin-Golf Qualifying Round, Groups of 4/3 Players (9 Games) Details below
  • Lowest Stroke Total is #1 seed on down to last seed.

Playoff Start times may vary on player availability from Classics Playoffs
Top Half will be A Division, Remaining players in B Division

5:30p: 1st Round A - 4 STRIKES KNOCKOUT H2H 1 Game (4 Losses = out)
5:00p: 1st Round B – 2 STRIKES KNOCKOUT Head 2 Head, 1 Game

  • Tiebreakers for Seed are a 1 Ball playoff, Random Game Draw.
  • Prizes: A -1st 40%+Trophy, 2nd 25%+Trophy, 3rd 15%, 4th 6%, 5th 4%
  • B -1st 6%+Trophy, 2nd 4%


12:30p-4p: Classics Qualifying Round ($5 for 4 Games)
Each player on each game, earns placement points. Cumulative total = Seed
(ie. 20 players - highest score player gets 20 pts, 2nd gets 18, 3rd gets 17,…last gets 0)
(ie. Player is: 2nd on Game 1 =18pts + 5th G2 = 15pts + 10th G3 = 10pts + 6th G4
=11pts > total = 54pts)

Top 8 in playoff

4:45p: 1st Round – Two 4 Player Group across 3 Games 4,2,1,0 scoring
Top 2 in each Group Advance
Tiebreakers for Seeding & Advancement are a 1 Ball playoff
Prizes: 1st 40%+ Trophy, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10%

Pin-Golf Qualifying:

Each player completes target score in the fewest number of balls. Each ball played
counts as a stroke.

  • Do play Extra Balls. Extra balls count as a stroke.
  • Also, starting Game 2 if necessary does not count as a penalty Stroke. Write down the score from the first game to determine how much more is needed to reach the target.
  • If you do not reach the target score in 6 Balls, your MAX score is a 7.