MAGfest Stern Pro Circuit Event - Jan 3rd to 5th, 2019 (Pre-register please)

The Stern Pro Circuit of 2019 begins with the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGfest) at the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center in Oxon Hill, Maryland near Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia – January 3rd through 5th (show goes through the 6th). MAGfest show tickets are $75 online and $85 at the door for the 24/7, 4 day festival. Buy them ahead of time as they could sell out.

The pinball tournament is FREE and has 34 hours of unlimited qualifying on 10 machines. Electronic queues will be in use with optional text message alerts for player queue changes. The top 24 players will make it into the finals, and the top 8 players ranked over 5000 at IFPA will be in the novice finals.

Pre-registration is available on the web-site and is highly recommended. You will get your tournament ID and PIN (of your choosing) along with information on how to self-queue for games, the week before the tournament starts. That way no waiting in registration lines to get your ID and PIN, you can queue up and start playing immediately.

Check out the website for more details and to pre-register:

MAGfest is a 24/7 show over the course of 4 days with non-stop music, console gaming, arcade gaming, pinball, music games and more. Many things you can’t find anywhere else including one of a kind music and other gaming systems. There are even multiple player team based Pod gaming, and a Star Trek bridge simulation where a team of players performs duties of one member of the Starship Enterprise Crew. More information and MAGfest tickets can be found here:



If you haven’t gone to MAGfest, go. It’s a party disguised as a pinball tournament with one of the craziest qualifying formats (unlimited super lengthy best game) and a great show.

I was hoping to hear something; we’re making plans now!

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If you intend to play at MAGfest, or even might play, please pre-register for FREE here in order to get Player ID and PIN along with links to self-queue. Emails will go out next week. You can request a PIN of your choosing as well during registration process.

Will the Finals be streamed?

Most likely not, other than someone doing Facebook live. Due to the unique lighting in the arcade hall (or lack of), the overhead camera has trouble with clarity. Also the overall network at MAGfest is so heavily used that getting a good bandwidth upload will be difficult.

Is the # of games and counted entries going to be the same as last year? (7 out of 10)

First time attending Magfest this year and I’ve heard nothing but great things. Can’t wait!

That’s a good question, I can’t recall if it was 7 or 6 out of 10 last year. Time to hit my notes.

It was in fact 7 games, so yes, we will keep it at 7 games out of 10. If for some reason we have only 9 games it will drop to 6, but I don’t anticipate that. If we get more room we may add games to 11 or 12 if possible just because there’s so much qualifying time. But intention is 7 out of 10.