Love never dies and neither do my Mist issues!!!

Thought I’d try here instead of “other” forums :slight_smile: My Mist seems to work fine in magnet test and report no errors but, it has a weird intermittent issue that has me stumped. Part of the problem is that it’s so intermittent I don’t even know where to begin to look.

The issue is that after you start Mist MB and you are down to one ball the game thinks you’ve drained both and ends your ball, counting your bonus while a ball is still in play and hitting switches! All of the trough switches work perfectly. In fact there are no bad switches showing up in test menus except the right inlane which I have disabled to prevent mystery from ever coming in to play, no tourney rom. Anyone familiar with this issue or know what might be causing it? It would be a shame to have to disable the Mist magnet for tournament play. Everyone loves to see the mist ball and shaking the ball off of the magnet after a miss and getting away with it during tournament play is epic! Appreciate any advice or help!


My first inclination is obviously a trough issue, but if you are saying they are fine, my next guess would be the optos that tell the machine the mist ball is actually locked in place.

It’s a long shot, but perhaps it gets tricked into thinking there is a ball in the mist hole, and then when you drain, as far as the machine is concerned all 4 balls are now accounted for.


I’m wondering if one of the gates might be screwing with the long opto beam at just the right time? Its just so random! The long opto switch doesn’t seem to be going off in switch test. Maybe I can bend the gates or shim them up or something. I give you opto issues… eternal! :frowning:

I tried starting mist with the glass off and blocking the long opto with my hand. Looks like the game is smart enough to know that if MB is running and the long opto is blocked the ball in the pocket shouldn’t be there and it tries to unload the ball. I think it might be the gate though, because I ran the magnet test again and something weird happened. The long opto started freaking out blinking on and off and then when the test raised the right gate and lowered it again it went away. Ill have to mess with it later but, looks like it might be the gate screwing with the opto. Thanks for helping Vengeance!

I don’t think the long range optos would have anything to do with it since those are really only used to make sure the ball is still actually on the magnet when it’s traveling across the PF.

The actual optos in the ball lock for mist let the machine know a ball is there, so it doesn’t need to load one

Hence why if you drain, and there is a ball still in play, if it thinks there is a ball in the mist lock and there isn’t, it ends the ball.

Ahh ok. I guess I’m looking for the wrong issue then. At one point I was having long opto issues and the ball would never stay in the upper right pocket so I thought it was related. The game would just keep trying to load the right pocket and dump it over and over again. Ill have to dig into it after work and see what I can find. Thanks again!

Don’t forget about the castle lock Optos. If the game thinks there is a ball accounted for in there, it could cause this.