Louisville Arcade Expo March 2-4 2018

You don’t even want to know what it costs me.


You’re running out of souls to sell…

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Is tough to go to a different format than some style of a pump and dump at a show. Matchplay stuff locks people into the tournament area and really stops them from seeing the show. At least with pump and dumps people can put entries in at will and choose how much they play. We do classic PAPA style at pintastic. 5 game ticket. Makes it a little less about buying your way in as anyone can get hit on a single game with enough tries. Have to have a consistent run. Can also be more discouraging for newer/less skilled players.

I’m all for suggestions on a better format for a show…everything else I run outside of a show it Matchplay.

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But so does pump and dump if you’re trying to make finals. The online queues are nice, but the anxiety of constantly wondering where you are in line prevents you from really enjoying anything at the show in between games in the tournament.

Seems like TPF is the best of both worlds.

Almost every single new player I talk to is discouraged by any format that starts with them playing alone for an extended period of time. They know they have a steep hill to finals and it’s a hard sell to get them to play in some of these types of qualifying.

Tell a newer player you’ll be playing 4-5 hours of pinball with other people for 10-12 games, they are all about it in my experience.

I guess at the end of the day it’s all about what you’re trying to accomplish with your event.

I’m just glad that depending on what that answer is, there’s multiple options to help you accomplish your goal.


What’s the format at TPF? (From your post it sounds like match play, but I honestly don’t know.) Telling someone new that the tournament is a multi hour commitment can also be daunting, especially at a show where it may conflict with seminars or other scheduled events they want to attend.

I’m not sure there’s a perfect answer that’ll make everyone happy. It’s all a series of trade offs.

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TPF is limited entry herb.

I completely agree. No perfect system. I just feel Unlimited herb is the furthest from perfect.

At the end of the day if you want to compete at a show, it’s going to be a commitment. That’s a hard sell to a new player no matter the format.

I’ve just found that if I can convince a new player to compete, having Matchplay is the easier sell.

Again, just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with your event.