Louisville Arcade Expo March 2-4 2018

Awesome. Thanks for the help Doug.

Still looking for volunteers, if you want to play for free - $20 in entries an hour

Friday, March 2 -
4:30pm - 7:00pm - 3 more people needed
6:45pm - 9:15pm - 1 more person needed

Saturday, March 3 -
12:00pm - 2:00pm - 3 more people needed
1:45pm - 3:45pm - 2 more people needed
3:30pm - 5:30pm - 3 people needed
5:15pm - 7:15pm - 3 people needed
7:00pm - 9:00pm - 2 more people needed
8:45pm - 10:00pm - 2 more people needed


Standings page? pbchallenge or Neverdrains. Thanks.


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Any info on streaming?

Will be showing the first round of finals tonight sometime around 930, then finals tomorrow starting around 10 AM.


Can someone post a link to the stream (either now or when it’s ready), please?


Subscribe to PAPApinball on Youtube and you’ll be notified when they go live.

Live now

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Thanks Steve!

Michael Dawn!!!


I had a great time at the expo overall.

This was the first time I’ve really played in a “pump & dump” and I’m not sure this style is for me.
I was A restricted (ifpa rank 450ish) and I didn’t qualify for classics or main. I’m glad I tried to qualify but overall I just didn’t play that well and that’s no one’s fault but my own. Definitely a good learning experience though.

The free play area was pretty disappointing as half the games were off by Saturday.
Playing POTC (JJP) was pretty cool and I’m glad they had it there.

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These pump and dump formats have become saturated with high level talent that makes it difficult for A division regulars to qualify. My advice is that you have to choose what you’re going to qualify in and completely ignore the other tournament unless you’re pretty sure you’ll qualify. As @FunWithBonus said in yesterday’s broadcast, time management is becoming an important skill in qualifying.


I’ve been trying to get over the hump and finally start to qualify for these big events in A, bit it only seems to be getting harder. Unfortunately it appears just picking one to concentrate on is the way to go. Unless of course you can crush one event in very few attempts.

Any tutorial videos for this? Clearly I need help


Spraining your shoulder after already playing some entries in one of the events and choosing to limit yourself to that one by default is one way to go (or not).

But seriously, I occasionally play just Classics and also sometimes do the reverse and focus on Main. To decide to play both or not, you have to gauge for each event:

A. How do the machine line-ups suit you? Not just are you good at the games, how many tries will it likely take you to put up one of those good scores on each machine needed?

B. How stiff is the competition?

C. What’s your $$ budget for entries?

D. Will you lose qualifying time for one (usually main) if you make the playoffs in the other (usually classics)?

E. What’s most important to you from the trip - - Circuit points (main only), WPPRS, cash prize, hardware or playing games you enjoy?

Might be a couple other things I’m not thinking of at this hour, but these are a good start. More later. No promise of a video, though.


I appreciate the feedback.

It was my first one (other than Pinball at the Zoo) and it was definitely a learning experience. On Friday I played in both just to see how all the games played. Saturday morning I decided to just try for classics.
I think I got really bogged down by the wait times- I made the mistake of picking a game I didn’t really want to play just because the line was shorter.

I’ve chosen and subsequently blown up “short line” games I didn’t really want to play, so I wouldn’t consider that to be a mistake. Sometimes it’s better to just get entries played rather than waiting for a particular machine, esp if time is running out. Now, playing a short-line game you don’t need the points on - that’s no good :slight_smile:


I think Evan nailed my sentiments exactly. I usually ignore classics so I can concentrate on main at LAX. But the bank of games in Classics was amazing and I couldn’t resist throwing $20(seven games) into it. That almost cost me big time. Even though I played well(not great) in Main qualifying, I barely squeaked in as the 24th seed.

Is there anyway to tell how many entries everyone put into main and classics? I’d like to know the average entries the top 24 played. I’m thinking my $40 is gonna need to increase in the future.