Looking for a “bigger” European tourney in aug/sept/oct

Lauren and I want to hit something irregular tournament wise this year and neither one of us have been overseas yet, anything in those months would work for us. Trying to plan it out now.

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Borås Pinball Open is a great tournament held in Boras, Sweden in that timeframe every year for the past eleven years. Usually, there are around 100-125 players competing across 2-3 substantial tournaments. It is all one $50 (ish) fee that gives you access to the place for the entire weekend and all machines are on free play. There are 100+ pinball machines and 40-50 arcade machines at a great location. The machines range from 3-4 EMs, to two dozen solid states, a few alphanumerics, all the big 90s machines, a vast majority of the modern Sterns up to GOTG, as well as Alien, Dialed In, Hobbit, etc.

It is a great tournament that lets everyone play a lot. Also, hotels and restaurants are around the corner and the airport is nearby (GOT).

EPC is held in Finland around this time frame as well. This should be a bigger tournament (256 players last year and 150-ish the year before that), but there would probably be less guaranteed play depending on the formats.

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UkPinfest - www.ukpinfest.com



I’ve been wanting to hit up the belgium pinball open. http://www.belgianopenpinball.eu/default.aspx?language=en

Flights to Belgium are not too expensive.

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Thanks guys, this is much appreciated. Do these events have web sites up yet you think?

I’ll also add that Göteborg, the main city near Boras, is absolutely lovely.


No set date for Boras yet. The organizer is waiting for the EPC date to be nailed down first.

The Northern Lights Pinball Show in the UK fits that time slot, usually in early October. Around 120 pins, hundreds of arcade cabs and much more in a few acres of floor space. Last year we had our first major comp.

BUT… for 2018 we’ll be scaling it back a bit to make way for the return of the UK Pinfest. We’ll have an official announcement on our show very soon.

Anyone reading this in 2019 or later might want to check us out again though. We’re hoping for bigger and better than ever before. www.ukpinball.com

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the EPC date is already known, September 7-9

and there might be the Danish Pinball Open too (usually in autumn and the only european Stern Pro Circuit event)

@marble Can you better explain the first phase of proposed EPC?
So all 350-400 (!!!) players will be assigned 6 random pins to put up their best score possible in 2 attempts on each pin?
And then top 80-96 players advance to the bracket phase? How are the scores from each player’s six pins compared across all player — ranking score of 100, 99, 98, etc? Some other ranking score format?

And will there be any attempt to balance the type of pins in each player’s set of 6 pins assigned? Someone getting assigned 6 pins like Swinger, Slick Chick, etc has got a very different skill/luck factor than someone assigned AFM, TZ, SS, etc.

Maybe better to start a separate thread dedicated specificallly to EPC 2018.
Thanks in advance.

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Not much detail about the comp on the website yet, but I do know that the main comp (UK Open) will have prize monies over £1.5k by far the largest in the UK, possibly Europe?
There will be approx.100 machines available on free play - in addition to the competition games.
It’s sure to be a great weekend - the hotel is excellent with plenty to do when you’re not playing, or to keep non-playing partners and children entertained.

However, once the tickets are sold out, that’s it. There’s not going to be tickets available on the day - so anyone considering coming needs to get a move on.