Live $2,000 High Stakes tourney streaming tonight at 6 pm Pacific on IEPinball

The High Stakes battle is TODAY! Tune in to at 6pm Pacific to watch these four players battle it out for $2,000!

Tournament Details:

Game list
JJP Pirates of the Caribbean (PLUNDERING ON)
Stern Star Trek
Avengers Infinity Quest

4 games, 3/2/1/0 Scoring
First game and all positions will be randomly drawn
Loser of each game gets choice of next game AND position
Heckling allowed!

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Title says 9 PST
Graphic says 6 PST

Which one is it? Assume the graphic is correct

Title corrected. It’s 6 pm Pacific. Thanks!

Johnny has done it again, tried to bring the plague and was banned! :smiley:

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Damn Johnny ruining my plans yet again! Very sorry about that for anyone that tuned in specifically because of high stakes. Was tough to decide if we should continue as planned with only 3 people or not but I think we made the right decision. Hope you still enjoyed it.


it was fun either way, so i am not sure if that may change some of your participants mind from having the contest at a more “neutral” location :smiley: