least valuable tournaments?

the worlds worst scores thread got me thinkin, what are some of the least valuable tournaments/leauges that have ever taken place?

A few weeks ago i hosted a tournament and on the night of the tournament there was a decent snowfall here in Austin Texas. Only five brave souls played in a practically empty arcade. Two of the players were unranked and the value of the tournament wound up at 0.22 points to the winner (myself).


so my question is: how low can you go???

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Here are the 10 lowest value tournaments since 2016. Poor Jerry.

Actually all North Dakota events in 2016 we’re worth 0.00 as they had zero rated players :slight_smile:

I only realized that when the State Rep asked what to do when everyone on the SCS standings page was tied at 0.00 for the year.


LOL. Gotta start somewhere I guess. I filtered out all the 0 value tournaments because I thought they were all restricted events (i.e., Women’s only)

Wow those Jerry’s tournaments are in Hawaii with the minimum amount of players!!! Gotta give props to the guys!!!

Ok, I’ll bite - what does happen in this situation?

I had some elaborate qualifying scheme planned for anyone that wanted to show up (should more than 16 players be interested in playing).

It never even got that far as only 10 players participated in the State Championship for ND last year.

Seeding I believe went based on IFPA Rating since nobody had any WPPR’s yet.

I like to kill time looking for low value tourneys.

35 people and winner got 0.39pts.

Wow and everyone with the same ranking!!! It is kinda funny that some players can earn 0.00 for an event!!!