Last Year's State Rankings

Is there a way to find 2016’s state rankings that include IFPA points?

Nope, not unless you ask Josh or I, whatta ya want to know?

Just trying to get a sense on how many points it took to make the state tournament in MN for goal setting.

Just an echo that it would be cool to see historical state finishing data.

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Multiple people have asked me where to find this info and don’t believe me when I say it doesn’t exist.

Over on pinside josh was able to get Hilton all this data for all the way back to 2013 I think.

Keeping the history of every state every year leads to an insane number of custom rankings in the database. It’s easier for us on the maintenance side to roll over the custom rankings to the new year and the filter is instantly updated.

Anyone that is looking for past data just email me and I can create a temp custom ranking for you to look at.