Kids League Format

We are getting ready to announce our first kids league for POP and we need suggestions.

Has anyone out there ran a kids league before?

I’m thinking two divisions by age group to keep the younger kids seperate from the older kids. The age limit will be 15.

We will start in May and will run monthly.

Never tried one.

But a huge applause for doing it. :relaxed:

All I can recommend is as much “group play” as possible. Divisions by age are probably best if there are lots of kids; you may be better off keeping everyone together then awarding prizes by age.

Will kids be coming once per week? more? less? How consistent is the attendance? If attendance is consistent I recommend the Pittsburgh Pinball League format (8 weeks + finals). If not you could do a 3-strikes tournament each week then a point system to build a finals or declare an overall champion.