Just got Aerosmith at our arcade and too many balls get stuck

First of all I live about 10 blocks from an arcade where all games are $.25 for 3 balls and there are about 16 tables so this is nice. The arcade just got in the new Aerosmith pro table and there is almost always a problem with 2 balls getting locked in the toy chest and then the machine doing a ball search since no ball was put into the plunger lane. The machine eventually ejects the 2 balls from the chest but the ball lock is still lit so you can lock the balls again. Has anybody else had this problem. I am going to play more today to see how often this happens.

After taking a look at the manual, it’s pretty likely an opto issue with the toybox itself. Notify the operator of the issue if possible, it’s hopefully just an easy fix. Might just be s loose wire.