Jackbot settings question

So, last week for league I played Jackbot. It was set hard (2 clears for visor to start first multiball and only one could be done via strafing shot). I decided to go Casino Run straight away and did. I did horribly flubbing about 7 consecutive shots and getting nothing for it, but on to the reason for this post:

Second time through, I am choosing to collect the scores (instead of doubling) and yet the ramp doesn’t drop. After each casino award, I have a ‘collect bonus’ countdown and it is under the ramp AND I cannot time it out fully with a catch from the casino saucer. Is this a setting? Did I cause this somehow? I have never seen this before, but it was quite annoying. Someone please tell me why this happened!

That is all. Thank you.

Timers on Jackbot pauses when you cradle up.

On hard, a ramp shot is required for Casino games to relight. Under the ramp shot doesn’t cut it.

I know. What I am saying is that after every shot to the casino saucer the ramp is going up even when I choose to take my score, and lighting a ‘collect bonus’ shot. I have never seen this before. My question is why is it happening.

That seems abnormal. Collect bonus under the ramp is indeed something you can qualify, but it’s not tied to a Casino Game cash-in.

Now I am curious. It might be the secondary flipper button switch that is stuck closed. Just speculating here.

If I am not too much in the way, I might invetigate on the Jackbot game at a local arcade tonight.

That would give a “Collect 2x Points” award rather than “Collect Bonus” award under the ramp.

I believe @G_Money and agree with @Snailman. It definitely sounds like some weird behavior.

[Here’s where I make a joke about known bugs in Jack-Bot’s Install CA SCS Tournament adjustment.]

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Yea something is screwed up, I’ve never run into that with my Jackbot.