Jack*Bot Mega Visor info

So notably, on the PAPA Jackbot rule sheet, the Mega Visor mode starts to be discussed but it ends early because the person writing the rulesheet has trouble completing it. Well, thanks to the Pinball Arcade version of the table, I have completed Mega Visor and can provide a little more info on how this mode works.

As you know, Mega Visor starts when you collect 15 JackBots during Multiball (note that the final JackBot, if it is collected from slots or Casino Run, won’t start the mode in single ball play). Your goal is to then complete all 25 visor lights, each worth 50 million points, for a total of 1,250,000,000 from completing all the targets. However, there is a much easier way to do this; if you sneak a ball behind the Visor while it’s closing, then knock the ball into one of the eyes while it’s closed, you’ll score the Dirty Pool, which instantly collects all the points you would have scored through completing the visor and a nice reference to TAF. Completing the visor also rewards the Super Jack*Bot, worth 750 million.

Collecting the Super JackBot also re opens the visor to lock balls again. If you have three balls, two must be locked in the visor (when one ball is locked, the other is lit as a hurry up); otherwise, you can just lock one ball in the visor. This then closes the visor once more, and lights the ramp to collect the final, Mega JackBot, worth 1 billion points, for 20 seconds. If the Mega JackBot isn’t collected during this period, you’ll have to relock the balls in the visor. Collecting the Mega JackBot then returns you to the start of Mega Visor; there is no way to start the regular Jack*Bot multiball at this point.

Hopefully this helped, and I’m sorry for having to wait 20 years before there was solid information on this mode online. :stuck_out_tongue:


The original post that alluded to it: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/rec.games.pinball/wGZb5kd6SLo/YItu0QPR2x4J

Here’s where I talk about it (not sure if first documentation on rgp or not): https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/rec.games.pinball/eveIL6piW5Y/x3Inh4cOa6wJ

I know this stuff is lost to the years and generally impossible to google these days unless you were around and remember what to look for. :wink:

If you want more extreme minutiae, here’s a bonus post: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!original/rec.games.pinball/MHZUocsLRPQ/4s8gp6cEWgMJ

So, you’re saying you didn’t watch the PAPAtv tutorial stream last Saturday :slight_smile:

Sadly, no. Guess I’ll try to queue it up, work a bit busy atm!

Oh I meant that for BZarre, his description is very accurate…!

Good luck this week.

Been there, done that. Dirty Pool for the win.

FYI you can only get one Dirty Pool per game :wink:

I managed a second Dirty Pool later on. Around 27:50.