Is former basketball superstar Todd MacCulloch still actively playing pinball?

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I believe he did commentary at Stern pro Circuit finals


For sure. He was just at Pinburgh.


Ah, thx. That’s why I thought I had seen him lately somewhere. Later I searched for him on youtube but only older videos showed up.
He’s currently ranked 442nd.

IFPA player number ≠ rank

OMG - you’re right. He’s 3415th

He also played at TPF tourney this year. He certainly isn’t playing as much competitive pinball as he did pre-2016. But I’m confident he’s still playing a lot of pinball in the sweet sweet collection he has at his home.

I’ve heard about his wonderful collection - he should be pretty well off with practice for sure!

I watched his sweet collection in a video. He might feel a blockage performing at competitive pinball as prizes are too low to make really sense for him. At any rate he loves the game, I like that.

That’s an odd thing to assume about someone you don’t know. Also, pinball prize money is too low to really “make sense” for just about everyone. Other than like ~5 players in the world it’s pretty much break even at best.


I’m not saying that a pro in one sport has to be as good in another. But then again, his hand-eye coordination is definitely capable. I mean come on, No. 3Ksomething?

Thousands dream of becoming one of the top 5.

Ill be playing on his collection next month at seattle pinball league. Cant fucking wait!

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Todd isn’t just a great ambassador for the sport. He’s a great ambassador for the entire hobby. The first time I saw Todd at a show was years ago at CAX. I had heard about him online and he was the only 7’ person there, so it wasn’t hard to figure out who he was. He was chatting with some other people in the tournament area who I assumed were from his area, so I didn’t feel the need to do the whole welcome to the area thing.

A while later, I see him walking over towards me. I had no idea why. He introduces himself and asks me if I’m Mike, the guy that operates pins in the pizza parlor down the street. I told him yes and he explained that he was new to operating pins and wondered if he could ask me some questions. That’s what clinched it for me. Dude doesn’t need to work another day in his life, yet he still wants to spread pinball love.

Todd has talked about the differences between competing in the NBA and pinball. There are plenty of interviews on YouTube and the SI article. Not sure if he’s still operating games, but the effort was made and that’s good enough for me.

Also, his appearance on the reparations episode the Chappelle Show should’ve won him an Emmy. Dude got robbed.


i’m not sure i can think of a worse get-rich-quick scheme than “become one of the 5 best pinball players in the world”.


Adding to what @jdelz and @phishrace said, Todd is a competitor at heart – he enjoys competing, he enjoys winning, he enjoys watching and commentating on competition, and he loves pinball. I don’t think I’m out of bounds in guessing that the magnitude of current pinball tournament prize $$ has very very little impact on whether he chooses to compete. ie: no “blockage”


Todd still loves to talk pinball, among other things. While at lunch with him and a few others during Pinburgh, he mentioned that even Bill Gates plays pinball. It’d be nice to see more of him, but his travel schedule is his to choose.



Todd is not immune to this :slight_smile:


Not to mention the fact that like … as someone who is 6’ 2” I find flying fairly unpleasant most of the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like for Todd. I wouldn’t ever fly anywhere if it was me.

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Not sure it’s been mentioned, but he’s also a hell of a dude. So incredibly nice and really engaging.


IFPA rank above about 500 or so is basically meaningless. You can get that ranking by simply showing up and being a warm body at a decent volume of tournaments and occasionally spiking a top-10 finish. Don’t assume because his ranking is 3K+ that that has anything to do with his ability.