Iron Maiden right flipper staging issue

Hey there,

I noticed this on at least 2 games (pro version).
The right flipper staging is inverted: the upper flipper fires first, then the lower one.
The song selection is still linked to the lower flipper.

It sounds like it’s been mis-wired at the factory?
That doesn’t make any sense
A) from a usual staging perspective (also, the left staging is “normal”)
B) especially when you can’t trap with the upper flipper, there’s no point staging the lower one)

Does anybody else has the issue?
I’ curious to know how many games are affected and/or if Stern knows about the issue.


There’s a post about in the Maiden Rule sheet, but here it is from @ryanwanger post…

"They did the flipper button switches different than any past Stern I’ve seen.

In the past, it’s two stacked switches…normally open. As you press in, the first closes, and then it continues inward, closing the second.

For Iron Maiden, the thing that the button activates is actually between two switches…one of which is closed and the other is open. So as you press in, it opens the first switch, and then closes the second.

So…depending on how those switches are adjusted, it’s definitely possible that they could be reverse staging. This wasn’t possible with the stacked normally open switches"
I fixed mine with this knowledge.


Thanks a lot, that definitely makes sense!

This is pretty common but takes 2 seconds to fix. VERY annoying to play with inverted staging though!

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I had a Premium from the factory that had staging messed up on all flippers. Left side was happening nearly simultaneously and right side was inverted. I think it’s just bad QC, easy fix with a switch adjustment tool and took me 2 minutes.

My pro had reversed staging out of the box as well; just bent the switches back a bit and staging has felt perfect ever since.

I still believe Keith put the reverse staging on this game on purpose to make the game harder. The one i play on location is left flipper reversed.

I asked him about it at NYCPC and apparently his personal Maiden arrived this way NIB and he had to fix it. So if it was on purpose, he also concocted a plausible cover story.


The new switches are very different than the old ones. It was more apparent visibly which switch was which with the old ones. I suspect it’s just a factory thing. Likely no specific diagram or procedure to follow for the new switches. Easy to forget which wire goes where.

I also suspect that Keith has mentioned this in meetings, if not directly to folks on the manufacturing floor. Simple problem to correct before it goes out the door.

It has nothing to do with wiring. The switches are all wired correctly, it is 100% gap adjustment.

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Doh. I looked at them a while back but thankfully didn’t have to adjust. The two I’ve spent the most time on, an LE and a pro, have both been correct.

Hope everyone with a premium or LE has gotten the new actuators for the captive ball switches. The new ones are noticeably more sensitive. Pointier 1/4" hex post.


What?! Was there a service bulletin I missed?

Not sure. I read about it on pinside. Part is called Newton ball actuator. Part number is 530-1037-00 (same as in the manual). Contact your distributor and they should send you the two you need. Install with removable thread sealer.

My Premium came with those installed, but out of the box they were phantom registering so I needed to adjust both of the spoon switches.

I recently bought an iron maiden pro and for the life of me I cannot hit the left or right ramps .is it not det up right ? When I watch YouTube videos the spot on the flipper where people hit the ramps don’t go the same area on mine? Is there a way to set it up

The spot on the flipper will be different depending on the slight variations between each game and differences In The way the game is leveled, as well as the speed of the ball. Don’t look at positions on the flipper as that will just mess you up. Focus on the center of your shot (look in the middle of the ramp, or artwork near it), then aim for it with your mind. Keep doing this and you will eventually get it!

You didn’t say whether it was new or not, but either way, check the flipper alignment. There are small alignment holes in the playfield at the tip of the flippers. Should be aligned perfectly to the tip. If not, loosen nut on pawl that holds flipper shaft under playfield with a 3/8" box end wrench and adjust, then retighten. Make sure the is about a credit card’s thickness of up and down play when tight.