Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I believe it’s single value/advance with flipper up and double value/advance with flipper down during the build phase (awesome risk/reward here). So if you’re hitting loops in the build phase with the flipper down i believe it’s adding 500k/million/1.5M instead of 250k/500k/750k (flipper up). Flipper position doesn’t appear to matter during the jackpot phase - I was wondering if that was gonna change.

Side note - pitch seems to drastically effect the loopability on this game. The steeper ones I’ve played are much harder to loop.


Need a razzie type award/sound for missing the big loop late and shooting the ball directly down the left outlane… can’t believe I did that twice in one game :roll_eyes:


dude I hate that - have done it twice in one game too (albeit with an extra ball) :joy:


On upper flipper games, if the opposite outlane was a super jackpot, I’d be the best player in he world. Haha


Yes! Drain for jackpot! Let’s being back gobble holes!


Loop jackpot is getting an overhaul next update. mini loop will be more important…


How about after 4 loop jackpots the UL flipper gets disabled :wink:


So… perhaps a Congo-style super skill shot too? :wink:


I am a bit confused on trooper locks. There have been several times I have shot the spinner when it was lit green, but the post did not fire and I didn’t get the lock. Is there some kind of priority thing going on? Or maybe the pinner was still spinning so it doesn’t count?

Anyone seeing this, or is there something else to add to the debugging list for the operator.


I’ve experienced that as well. Only on the first lock and only about 5% of the time.


If a player tilts with an extra ball on deck should there be music when the next ball is fed to the shooter lane?
Wasn’t sure if that was a bug or not.

Also had a game in which I locked the 3rd ball to start Trooper MB but nothing happened. Didn’t start the MB and went back to a state as though the locks were never qualified.


Does the display indicate when the game is in tournament mode? If I tell my league players to start in tournament mode it would be handy to be able to tell at a glance if they did it or not.


I really love that the devil guy says “the sands of time are running low” just a few seconds before the song gets to that moment in the lyrics. Very cool.


No ball search until playfield validated?


Possible Trooper MB start bug during launch party:
Ball 1. I had 2 balls locked for Trooper. I started Hallowed mode, and immediately shot the L orbit for what should have been 3rd Trooper lock and first Hallowed mode shot.
The ball did not successfully get caught by the two up-posts and trickled out (I don’t recall if it was through the big loop or the R orbit). I was awarded the Hallowed shot, and Trooper MB animation and shot logic began (all usual arrows lit blue for trooper JP)… but… no additional balls were put in play.
I had shot the L orbit on the fly when the ball first came back to my flippers, but it, too, did not go into 3rd lock sequence and kick out my two other balls.

I trapped up for a very obvious don’t-have-the-key ruling: I was in single ball play in a multiball game state, so everyone say in their best @pinwizj voice, “You’re f*cked.” Dump the ball in play. It went to Bonus count. Compensation ball played at end of my game.


“Catastrophic Malfunction. The Iron Maiden launch party will now be played on this Stern Star Trek.” :slight_smile:


I think that one has already been fixed. I just tried it and couldn’t do it


Playing a pro at YegPin on the weekend pretty sure I heard the game say “…more like Deadforce one” after I drained. :slightly_smiling_face:


“Ed Force Done”


…that’s what I said! :wink: