Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


SKB: you read my mind! I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday.

@sk8ball: It looks like there’s “room” in the Loop Jackpot display box to put the Jackpot value below the Count of jackpots. Is this possible?


I don’t even know who put loop jackpot count there instead. That isn’t very useful.


Does the game call out EDDIE letters like it does MUMMY?

I’d love to see more number based audio callouts (like consecutive loops, or combos, or whatever). Just get the voice actors to do: “one”, “two”, “three”…etc. Probably don’t even need to go as high as ten.

Then use it wherever appropriate. It would probably make the player more nervous to know how many in a row they just hit.

Been thinking about this lately because of Disc MB on Tron. An audio callout telling me how many more disc hits I need would be such an improvement. As it stands now, the number doesn’t display till after the animation, which happens to coincide with the moment that a backspinning ball has reached my flippers.

A count-down on Well Walker would be pretty useful. I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve had to explain “hits remaining” to. Yeah, the number is right there on the screen, but it’s in like 8 point font, with no text to indicate what it represents.


It used to but quickly went away :wink:


M-U-M-M-Y were the only good letter-based callouts. The voice actor for Beast had this incredible ability to start at high energy and take it up from there.

Thanks! :smiley: If it was cool we generally left it in. If it was awful and annoying we took it out. Then when i put a bug in and it sounded cool we left it in but fixed the bug.


So I was looking at pictures of Iron Maiden, and…

Did I make it into the default high scores list?!



Cool things I noticed from watching just a few minutes of yesterday’s LE Gameplay reveal (besides the obvious mechanical/ toy features)

  • I now understand why the Mummy AAB on a Pro is the L ramp.
  • The double danger text graphic added for your 2nd Danger… yes!
  • nice graphic highlight/reference of the left side display icon on which Power Feature you just completed.
  • lots of other new display art/animations.


I couldn’t stop watching that cool beacon flasher. Haha


For now :wink:


So you can say the L ramp is…taking an L?



I really like the left ramp for add-a-ball. It’s very unique and I don’t recall another game that does that. It’s also a challenging shot so it makes it that much more exciting when going for add-a-ball during the grace period.


Icarus is awesome when the ramps are flowing!


Need an easter egg that pays homage to Bruce’s olympic class fencing ability and maybe a reference to their 747 Ed Force One.


There was certainly one of those in the callouts of the first stream.

If we are playing Easter eggs we want that will never actually happen, I want To Tame A Land Easter eggs. Not because the song is even very good, but because Muad’Dib.


Fully agree! It’s very ‘edge of your seat’ playing getting that AAB in play during mummy.


@sk8ball : any recommendations on how to keep the L orbit up-post rubber sleeve from riding up the post? (So when the post retracts, the post rubber is still sticking up above the play field)


locktight seems to do the trick


For feature adjustment #59 - extra ball/power shots complete. Can we (I) get an option for 0? Basically to turn off EB for power features?


Will there be any incentive to shoot loop jackpots (in the jackpot phase) with the flipper down?

I tried hitting a few the other night to see if they were doubled but it appears they still pay out 1x/2x/3x/4x etc

Had a billion playfield X round ripping loops. Who’s gonna hit the first billion point loop jack?


Wow nice scores! I definitely get some good scoring going with the loops but they are also dangerous. I always thought you got 1/2 points for having the left flipper up so I’ve been practicing on keeping it down, but sounds like that’s not the case?