Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Because Run to the Hills isn’t in yet


Certain things like loop jackpots will disable posts


I noticed tonight when I was playing that most the time it did show the power jackpot value and multiplier during bonus so this maybe fine.


Is number of the beast coded? If so it needs some work. It started… then ended.

And yes, Mummy super jp is bad ass! Pulled off a 3X mummy super as my 2nd ball was draining the outlane. cyborg power jp is also really bad ass too - is it me or do the cyborg power jackpots increasingly get better on the call outs? The one that stands out is the triple. I Even got a super death blow today and that was bad ass to hear. Keep up the good work guys.


Yes it works but for reasons all the video assets are on freeze as well as madness multiball and cyborg multiball so they are disabled (except cyborg which uses a godawful placeholder)


The number of the beast is… 50M. :wink:

I figured it would award 666M. :stuck_out_tongue:


General Comment:

Know what I really like about IMDN that hasn’t been done in a long time. As you get deeper into modes, and even in the game, the call outs keep increasingly getting better and more intense. The people that did the call outs for this game did an amazing job, and the scripting for it is just as good. Well done.


This is a great touch.

Though even from the beginning, the sounds and callouts do a great job of making every made shot feel exciting.


Shoot the oooorbitsssssssssssss


Found a possible bug (0.92 code). I had two balls locked for Trooper Multiball. I also had only one hit left on captive ball to start Mummy Multiball. I started the Flight Of Icarus mode, then shot at the captive ball. It hit, then spun up left into the left orbit shot to start Trooper. Trooper began, but I was given 4 balls, and then suddenly there was 5 balls in play ( no progress on JP’'s was made during this time). After draining to one, Mummy was still lit.


Yep, 4 ball trooper started as a bug on the LE but I liked it and implemented it on the pro as well. Grazing the captive ball through spinner with both multiballs ready will do it.


Added a bunch of detail in the wiki and cleaned up some errors/inconsistencies.

  • Mode details and scoring info.
  • Loop feature/jackpot
  • PFx
  • Gravestone target
  • Tomb treasures
  • Eddie cards
  • Add-a-ball details
  • Trooper 4-ball


My game, which is in tournament mode, always starts on Flight of Icarus. Is this true for others? (Wiki says otherwise). I know this because Flight of Icarus is woefully underpowered in terms of scoring (unless you happen to be a world class player who can combo 8 ramps in a row).

I was also pretty sure that shatzing into the tombstone target would automatically collect all remaining X targets and qualify the next level of PFx. Either that, or I’ve coincidentally had 3 of the 4 x’s literally every time I’ve done it (which is possible, but seems unlikely).

Can anyone confirm these?


On the Maiden at Cactus Jacks Silverball Showdown, in competition settings it always started everyone on FOTD.

You’re correct. But if you can get in the zone, I’ve had it be worth around 80-90mil points… once. Most other times it’s pretty piddly.

That would be really powerful, if that’s true (and awesome). I was basing it off of times I’ve shatzed it with 3/4 already collected, and also based on what’s written on Stern’s Backstage Pass guide.


I can’t confirm your question but a general note. If I start on Flight of Icarus, I have a few strategies for countering it. 1. If I get the super skill shot, then ill use the added ball saver time to hit the left spinner and switch modes. 2. If I do not get the super skill shot, ill go for a sweep on the drops and lock 2 balls and start flight and play it stacked. 3. sometimes ill just say F it and risk the left spinner shot anyway. 4. If I cant do any of that and I have to start the mode early and solo, I just play it as safe as possible.

Whether you like flight of icarus or not, you’ll need those ramp shots for Cyborg Multiball :slight_smile:


Yeah, yeah. :slight_smile:

I can make the ramps, but I just top out at 2 or 3 combos in a row. I probably did 4 once. Still felt pretty worthless. The highest I’ve seen was EJL score about 38m, and I think 2x was running for a lot of that.


You can pick what song is the first mode in the settings. Default is Flight of Icarus, I believe.


I’ve had 150 mil plus Icarus so the points are there. Just like aces high seems worthless but if you make it past the first phase the points start piling on


I used to think Icarus was under-valued and then yesterday I did this!


Question for Keith:
During loop jackpots collection; should the loop jackpot value be shown on the display? is it intended to not be there and/or do you think it should show what your loop jackpots are worth?