Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Had a chance to try it out for the first time last night. I was in Philly to catch a Phillies game and found out Barcade had one on location so we left the game early to play (sorry Phillies!). Then I stayed out way too late on a work night and I am paying for it this morning but it was 100% worth it.

Quick question on REVIVE: if REVIVE is lit during a multiball and one of the balls goes down an outlane, do you lose the ball and the REVIVE? I drained a ball on the right side and the REVIVE light went out, but it never served the ball back. I wasn’t sure if this is one of the risks of multiball or an issue with the game on location.


It’s a grace period bug. Should be fixed soon


When you lose ball, during end of ball bonus - Can you keep the power jackpot value and multiplier shown just to see what the player missed? then reset it to 0 near or at the end of the bonus?


Sometimes when you start Mummy MB there is a long delay before the captive ball flasher begins indicating the jackpot. Is this normal/intentional?


You have to hit a certain number of switches to qualify it. Are you saying it’s qaulified and just not indicating at the captive balls?


The jackpot flasher indicator seems to work correct but I could be wrong. But the choreography/timing of hitting captive ball to start mummy mb seems a little delayed.

Which brings me to my next request: :blush:
Are there any plans to get more effects or ‘wow’ factor for hitting super jp shot in trooper mb? I haven’t gotten a mummy super yet so don’t know how it is yet; but that trooper super is such a satisfying hit, the call out is fantastic, just could use a little more emphasis of accomplishment :slight_smile:


This indicates to me that you think this deserves a better light show? Do you think there is enough emphasis on the cannon shot with the light show? These are just questions for me so I can better understand how to make the choreography better.


I would like to see more with the light show too for a SJP in trooper. Call out is great like mentioned, but a more dramatic light show would be cool for player and spectators.


Besides making Super Trooper more super… I would also suggest some type of of emphasis or callout for Power Jackpots and Loop Jackpots that are above a certain point threshold, or above a certain respective multiplier threshold. Both can be VERY big in terms of points (impact on the game), and neither seem to have the relative fanfare.


Here’s what I would do . . . take the flashers from the asteroids on Star Trek, and put them in the eyes all over the playfield:


Flash them uncontrollably at maximum brightness for any fanfare you deem to be most epic. Absolutely do NOT allow the intensity of these flashers to be adjusted in the software settings.

[I’m secretly posting as Dwight Sullivan] :slight_smile:

Edit: Be sure to also flash the Extra Ball insert during these light shows :wink:


The mummy super jack callouts are where it’s at!


I have trouble remembering the order of the colors in Trooper MB, so I think it’d be helpful in Trooper if the higher-valued jackpot shots blinked faster, e.g. if a 2x jackpot blinked faster than the 1x. This would make it a little easier to tell which shots are worth more at a glance. Or maybe that’d just look ugly with everything blinking out of sync :slight_smile: Maybe when you get a super, any relit jackpots could flash rapidly for a moment, as well.


My kids would prefer ROYGBIV color advancement, but they’re also ages 4 and 6 and really into drawing rainbows right now.


Dude I’m loving all the call outs by both persons. But yea, the mummy jp’s and trooper ones are some of my favorites ever! Especially getting to the triples on trooper, haven’t gotten past that stage yet to hear if there’s more :slight_smile:

Let me think about that next time I play. but from what I remember, yes, but only because I now understand the cannon rule a bit more. Prior to that, I didn’t notice. And I don’t have a shaker installed yet so that may help with some of the emphasis that I’m missing. but I was thinking just a quick lighting effect spawning outward from the super jp shot across all inserts kind of like a quick explosion, if that makes any sense - nothing too dramatic in the sense that Dwight Sullivan pops up in the bottom left corner of the display and yells ‘Toasty’ then we get blinded by lights hahaha just messing Dwight, but that would actually be pretty sweet.


Trooper colors go from blue, green, yellow, orange, red


There is a longer light show on Trooper Super Jackpot, but it’s just the jackpot one played longer iirc. Sadly (for KME) i’m off the Maiden design team at this point but I will use what I’ve learned to make better light shows in the future! There is a much longer shaker effect too, but the best shaker effect is when you get Super Slings.


I’ve never bought a shaker before, but I have a sudden and unexpected desire for one now…


Easy enough to remember it’s backwards ROY G BIV (sorry indigo and violet no jackpots for you)


Why does the Cyborg MB score display as Run to the Hills champ in the high score tables? Shouldn’t this be Wasted Years? I figured Run to the Hills would be the grand wizard mode.


Regarding trooper sjp: I think the light show and effects are fine actually, it might just need a little more emphasis on the actual super jp call out, a little louder maybe?

Also, possible minor bug or maybe intentional? If you’re in fear of the dark and you have 2 balls locked and hit the inner spinner orbit the posts don’t go up buttrooper mb does start.