Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Thanks everybody about input on these.

Extra Ball information, details about mystery award levels and spot soul shard mystery award added to the rulesheet.


Can someone explain how to advance through the mystery awards? Need that EB.


Orb Award

Complete the drop targets to earn the Light Orb award. This lights the Orb target for a mystery award. Collect Light Orb again before shooting the Orb to increase the mystery level for better rewards.

There are three levels of mystery awards. If level 3 mystery is already lit, drop target awards will skip the Light Orb award.

There is an instant info page showing the current mystery level and also all its available awards.

Extra Balls

On factory settings there are three ways to light extra balls:

  1. Complete third power feature
  2. Collect 5th Tomb Treasure award
  3. Make 50 loops

On the Premium/LE there is an adjustment (Feature Adjustment #59 “Madness Extra Ball Stage”) for collecting extra ball also during Can I Play With Madness mode. This adjustment is set to 0 (disabled) on factory settings.


Thanks. I was thinking it was about collecting a certain amount of Orb shots not setting it up through drops.

And no EB even available there, doh.


Has anyone gotten the Beast to say “Dirty Pool” yet? Also, can this only be accomplished on Prem/LE?


I did this, but the beast didn’t say dirty pool.


Nice! I think its supposed to say Dirty Pool when that happens. Let’s see what @sk8ball has to say :smiley:


Can confirm this happens. Did the same thing @gammagoat did but got a dirty pool callout from the beast. Quite a treat! Of course, making this happen intentionally is pretty much impossible.


Yep, “dirty pool” and “you suck” are by far the rarest quotes in the game


Under what circumstances does the mode timer stop?

I got this at the start of Trooper MB, when all 3 didn’t lock behind the posts.

Also, when you get ‘add time’ from the mystery award, does it take that time off your completion time, or add just add more time to allow you to complete?

Doubt I’ll ever get anywhere near that time again.


Anything that stops the mode timer. Pops, display effects etc


@sk8ball Last night I drained through a right lane REVIVE and then drained through the left lane REVIVE very quickly after the kickout from the first REVIVE . Two balls were then launched from the trough. I’m assuming this wasn’t a super secret multiball, but I was wondering if this is a potential bug. Can’t remember much about the state of the game but it was during single ball play and no ball save was active during the first REVIVE trigger. Happened on a premium with the latest code.


To add to revive funkiness:

The last actual ball save had expired at least 10 seconds earlier, so it didn’t really appear to be related to a post-ball save weird anti-grace period.


Whats the deal with combos in Icarus?

I was under the assumption that once you hit a ramp, and the opposite ramp is flashing, that hitting the flashing single ramp will count as a combo as long as you hit it before both ramps are illuminated again.

However, It seems like if you hit (any? some amount?) other switches before you hit the single flashing ramp, you get the combo, but DON’T get your multiplied X combo streak points? And your combo points get reverted back to 1X?

What are the rules here? I’ve had some pretty long Icarus combos, but sometimes in the middle the points downgrade, i.e: 1x ->2X->3X->4X->1X->2X and thats without “missing” a combo.


The software mostly worked fine on this one. You can see the revived ball get pushed out into the shooter lane and fall back into the trough. A hardware adjustment should take care of this one, but of course it would be nice if the game would compensate for this particular failure.


oh, wow, you’re right.


Nope, nothing kills an icarus combo other than time. Not sure what issue you are having.


The only weird issue I know of is when you wait for the timer to run out and then immediately shoot the UNLIT ramp during grace period, it awards you the multiplied value but does not extend the combo. Escher knows more…


It works on the lit ramp too, just need to time it more precisely. Don’t know if it’s a bug or a feature though…


hmm could have been this I guess. rip 25x combo.