Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Thanks everybody about input on these.

Extra Ball information, details about mystery award levels and spot soul shard mystery award added to the rulesheet.


Can someone explain how to advance through the mystery awards? Need that EB.


Orb Award

Complete the drop targets to earn the Light Orb award. This lights the Orb target for a mystery award. Collect Light Orb again before shooting the Orb to increase the mystery level for better rewards.

There are three levels of mystery awards. If level 3 mystery is already lit, drop target awards will skip the Light Orb award.

There is an instant info page showing the current mystery level and also all its available awards.

Extra Balls

On factory settings there are three ways to light extra balls:

  1. Complete third power feature
  2. Collect 5th Tomb Treasure award
  3. Make 50 loops

On the Premium/LE there is an adjustment (Feature Adjustment #59 “Madness Extra Ball Stage”) for collecting extra ball also during Can I Play With Madness mode. This adjustment is set to 0 (disabled) on factory settings.


Thanks. I was thinking it was about collecting a certain amount of Orb shots not setting it up through drops.

And no EB even available there, doh.