Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Another minor improvement suggestion: could you have two “Danger”s displayed on the screen for when you get your second tilt warning, instead of just one? That way the player can differentiate more easily between getting only their first Danger vs getting two Dangers at once?


At the start of every ball there is the option to select a different song, but, is there a way to get instant info to display before plunging? I tried holding in either or even both flippers in for a few seconds, but, the display stays on song choice.


Hit a bug when playing this in tournament! I was in Fear of the Dark mode with my 3rd Trooper lock lit. I hit the inner orbit to start Trooper MB, but the game got confused? The display showed the start of the Trooper MB animation, but everything sat idle for a moment until ball search kicked in and released the single ball. No other balls were put into play, no ballsaver, and I was back in single ball play, but all my locks vanished. Quickly drained in the confusion, but verified next ball that my locked balls were gone even though I was never awarded my MB.


Got a couple bugs to report:

  1. Left spinner orbit definitely locks 2 balls at once sometimes. Today I got a ball 3 lock animation > trooper mb start > then a ball 2 lock animation > and then multiball commenced. I’m running .92 code. I found a video of it too so here at around the 18:08 mark:

  2. There’s a bug somewhere in Rime of the Ancient Mariner mode. I got as far as mini loop + drops lit for shots; I cleared drops, drained, then I hit drops again and might have got awarded more mods points, maybe grace period. But then I kept getting wind sails display images like I was still in the mode despite being on single ball. I thought maybe ball trough didn’t recognize the drain but then I started mummy multiball.

Sorry can’t be more detailed but the double lock from the spinner orbit is irritating, hopefully you can find a quick fix or adjust switch logic. I also get ball locks from a missed center ramp shot that goes behind the spinner and hits a switch or 2. Not as irritating and not sure If that’s fixable. I wonder if the lock shots for the first multiball (when all 3 locks are lit) could/should be right orbit only? And then when locks are single stage it could be either shot? I dunno lol.

But, you know this game is bad ass when you’re late for work and still decide to play 2 games haha. And then on game 2 at 690 mil in cyborg multiball the doctor calls back (5 yo son sick) and you cringe as you turn off the machine knowing you need to get to work and wife needs to hear and talk to doctor haha. That was a tough power down to do but wife, baby, sick son, and late to work still (barely) wins over IMDN hahahaha


Both are known bugs thanks!




Anyone encountered a situation where the music cuts out for an entire ball, but the sound effects and callouts still play? Seems like it happens after a tilt, maybe just on the EB for the same player who tilted, but I can’t say for sure.


I’ve had this happen a couple times. At the end of ball I make sure to pick a different song and the music comes back.


Finally got down to arcade legacy to try this thing out. I ran out of money before I ran out of interest, and that’s about the best compliment I can give this game. I usually get ADD and move on after a few plays, but this one hooked me. Congrats on a very impressive debut, Keith. Now I gotta figure out what to sell…


Also a known bug. Tilting while ball in trough will kill the music until you change the song.


Possible Bug:
Noticed my power jackpot champion HS is still default at 15 mil; but I know ive gotten some 40+ mil power jackpots. Maybe the HS champion is just base value?


same with loops and one other


Small “maybe it’s a bug, maybe it’s a feature” thing I noticed after finally getting to tame this beast tonight. Once EDDIE is spelled, the spinner seems to no longer switch modes, thus the mode is locked in. Bug or intentional?


I’m gonna say it’s probably intentional, honestly. Which sucks for me because that’s the only time I can manage to nail that shot :sweat_smile:


One card away from Number of the Beast. I failed miserably during Cyborg multiball and had to restart doing all those pyramid modes again.

I haven’t been this addicted to a pinball in a long time. So much fun.




Loop jackpots are the new song jackpot - so fun. Question about loop jackpot phase. Is there a set number of outer loops that you can hit while the jackpot time is running until the up post comes up and it feeds the upper flipper? It happened to me yesterday at one point, but I couldn’t tell if there was a mode start or lock or something else activating the post?


Yes, intentional.

Don’t get too excited until the next update :wink:

Yes, think you can hit 5 or 6 outer loops before the post comes up but that is changing in the next update. The outer post will come one 1 earlier in exchange the mini loop will not only score the loop jackpot but increase the value and add time back to the timer.


Will you go back to outer loops after drilling the mini loop and adding time, or is it mini loop from there on out?


Once the post is up you will have to deal with it meaning alternating loops. So yes, you can still score big loops but they will divert to mini flipper