Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


It’s a settings choice on both versions. Regular play defaults to random mode start, Competition adjustment defaults to Fear of the Dark (i thnik).


Regular play = random
Competition play = flight of Icarus
Competition install = fear of the dark

At least that’s how it was at some point. Newer revisions may have changed this…


I couldn’t find which setting it was to switch the default mode in the new code. Maybe I was in a hurry and missed it, but I looked twice.


Game Adjustment #29


During a practice game of Maiden you played at IL SCS, why did it start Trooper MB for you when you hit the final captive ball shot to start Mummy MB? It did give you the 4-ball Trooper, but your final shot to the captive ball rebounded back down the playfield.
I thought you only get 4-ball Trooper if you glance off the left side of the captive ball on your final Mummy hit, and have the ball continue up the L orbit lane?


The glance is on a pro and was intentionally added.

In a nutshell the game has to wait for the state of the sarcophagus if the ball was actually knocked out or just traveled to the top and back in. Trooped locks can’t wait as they need to fire as soon as the spinner registers. So an issue comes about if you knock the ball out of mummy so hard that it triggers the spinner before the lock switch debounce time if you have lock 3 ready on trooper. So what was a bug/ issue became a feature to actually aim for


Have the rules changed for add-a-ball in RotAM (possibly other MBs) on a Pro on the latest code?

I started RotAM with mystery already lit, can’t recall which level.
Hit the hurry up to get the 2nd ball added.
At some point hit the mystery to get AAB, up to 3 balls in play.
Hit the port shots then the North jackpot,
Requalified mystery by hitting the drops
Hit mystery again and had 4 balls in play.

Don’t ever recall seeing it do that before?

Also on latest code:
Has there been a tweak as to which modes are lit after you have played 2MtM?
It may just be coincidence, but playing it last night each of the 3 times I started the 2nd run of modes, the mode lit was one I hadn’t collected the Soul Shard the first time round.

Is it another coincidence that it was @sk8ball who made post 666 of this thread?


Latest code was pretty minor so nothing in those regards were changed. Not sure how you ended up with a 4 ball mariner other than a trough error. I THINK it defaults to a mode you have not collected a shard for but don’t remember 100%


Encountered a situation on a Pro running 1.06 last night during a league game where many of the insert lights were acting strange. Arrows were randomly flashing different colors, SJ insert locked on, mummy letters cycling. Seemed to get worse throughout the game.

I notified the op and he said it’s happened a couple times since the most recent code update and it goes back to normal after power cycling.


I had some issues with incorrectly colored insert lights (on an older version of code). I let it go on for weeks, and eventually lifted the playfield and reseated the connectors between the node boards. Problem solved and it has been fine now for months.


I have my first real complaint/suggestion. :thinking:

Was having a great game last night, collected all SSs from the 5 modes and consequently all of the shots in 2mtm were worth good points.

I didn’t manage the Lvl2 Eddie, so after failing to defeat the beast :japanese_ogre:, it was back to the grind of getting back to 2mtm.:unamused:
As I had already collected all of the SSs I basically timed them out, or worked on something else.
When I got back to 2mtm I was disappointed that the shot scores were only based on what I had scored on the modes the 2nd time around :cry:, and not the cumulative scores of both attempts at the mode.


Promoting game-play over timing out modes? Sounds fair to me :slight_smile:


Just because you lost out on the opportunity to get a Soul Shard for defeating the beast doesn’t mean timing out modes and getting back to 2M2M / defeat beast was the right call.

If you had all 5 soul shards from modes, plus I’m assuming you had the trooper and mummy super jackpots, plus you had the loop jackpot , so that’s 8 tomb treasures right there.
Personally, I would’ve gotten the level 3 mystery award for a “spot soul shard” and then a 6 way combo for the soul shard, and there’s 10 tomb treasures for RTTH.


You can’t spot a soul shard if you already have 5…
He was literally in jail with no way to progress other than to kill the beast


Hmm, are you sure? If so, I didn’t know that. Sorry WWJ.


If so, makes killing the beast so important.


Yeah, there’s only one roundabout way to do it, and that’s if he was sitting on the other 3 Eddie 2 cards and hit the 6 way to spot the 4th.

This is assuming Treasure 9 on the rulesheet is correct; I haven’t watched videos on Run to the Hills yet!


Yes, @ScoutPilgrim is right here. The 6 way combo would light Treasure 9, which includes spotting an unlit Level 2 Eddie card. That would immediately light Treasure 10.

There are 11 ways to get Treasures, so you can skip one. It’s probably rare for that one to be killing the Beast, but it’s possible.


I was sat on 8 tomb treasures, the only 3 ways of getting another were:
Defeat the Beast (think I had his health down to 3)
4 Lv2 Eddies
6 way Combo

As I didn’t actually have any Lv2 Eddie cards lit my quickest option was Beast and 6-Way -9th reward of a Lv2 Card wouldn’t have helped me too much, although I wasn’t too far from Lv2 Mummy or Trooper cards.

The plan was start a mode, then work on 6 way Combo (right ramp, left orbit, big loop, left ramp, right orbit then mini loop being my preferred choice) or starting Mummy or Trooper MBs.

Was just a little disappointed that the 2nd 2MtM didn’t accrue the points I’d earned from previous mode completions. Although at this point score wasn’t my primary objective.


that is a pretty crazy combo! :slight_smile: