Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I’m even more impressed with this pin now that I had the chance to play it over the weekend at Cactus Jacks tourney. Really fun pin with a fresh and challenging layout, with a nice breadth of rules for varied scoring opportunities. And two great spinners with potential for big points! The position of the spinners and ability to have more than one spinner going at once reminded me a bit of one my favorite SS of all time, Star Gazer.

The only disappointment was that CJ decided to pull the outlane posts entirely, making for some very brutal outlane and sling drains. But it kept games moving and the coins dropping.

Comments on rules nuances that I appreciated:

  1. The target Skill shot is a one-time attempt… even if you don’t validate the PF and skillfully drain to set up another plunge at the skill shot, your skill shot target is no longer lit (unlike TSPP, for instance, where you can get multiple attempts at Comic Book Guy if you don’t validate the PF). This is a nice touch, imho.

  2. The shots with lit arrows for EDDIE/mode progress start going away after you’ve played a certain # of modes, forcing you to shoot other parts of the PF to get into modes. Also a nice touch.

  3. Too many good risk/reward choices to list that make for great pinball. Everyone go play & explore the game, and you’ll see what I mean.

A question for @sk8ball re: settings / tourney settings:
The REVIVE lanes at CJ both lit on the first REVIVE, but if you used one of them, they both went away (similar to GOT Lord of Light) – vs the Dead Flip Maiden stream that showed the dual lit REVIVE lanes get used one at a time. Is the former setting I described something standard when Competition is installed?


That’s an adjustable setting, I’ve installed competition mode but by default you get both outlines set to revive. I think I would almost prefer they both go after one is collected, I can’t make progress towards relighting revive until they’re both expended.


Played about 10 games on it for the first time last night at our local bar.

Got to 2 minutes to midnight twice and the Cyborg multi-ball once.
Best score was around 370M.

The left ramp was a lot “easier” to hit than I thought it would be.
The left spinner is super hard to hit- can’t get it dialed in yet.
Right ramp reminds me a lot of the kiss ramp.
The spinners feel so good to hit when you do hit them though.

I’m trying to develop a strategy and so far it’s been to get back into an EDDIE mode asap.
The drop targets for locks and mummy captive ball just kind of happen for me.


Revive will probably get another pass after 1.0. Initially it was light both outlanes, either outlane would unlight both outlanes. But the 2nd revive was much harder to get than I anticipated so the quick bandaid was to put a revive on each outlane.

Also mini loop will get a boost (worth 3x loop value & adds time and 500k to loop jackpot value during loop jackpot phase)

Super death blow will get boosted to 3x value. So in theory you can pull off a 6 way combo (250k, 500k, 2mil, 5mil, 10mil and cap it off with a 30 mil super deathblow)


Are there modes or hurryups for the following songs:
Wasted Years
Run to the Hills

I know the songs can be picked from the music selection but every other song of the 12 except these has a mode or feature associated. Thanks in advance


Saw your question on pinside. The shooter lane is adjustable at the top if it isn’t making the loop on plunge


Wasted years is a micro wizard mode

Powerslave is Mummy multiball

Run to the hills… you will have to find out :wink:


Thanks Keith! Are you talking about the gate, is that what I unscrew and adjust?

Btw, this game is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you lol. Loving it. :slight_smile:


In OKC over the weekend, it felt like the shooter spring strength needed to be 1 size higher. A nice full plunge juuuuuuust had enough juice to make it to the top, but other times not enough to make the ramp.

I never once saw the multiball staging process miss, so it seemed alignment was spot on.


I put a washer on the top screw of the shooter exit gate; not sure if thats the adjustment you’re talking about but it seemed to have helped a lot.


That’s what I’m noticing on the one at Superelectric too. Full plunge to the super skillshot isn’t guaranteed on coming around to the upper left flipper. Autoplunge typically doesn’t have an issue, it’s not perfect but what is?


The auto-plunger started missing (short of the “cliff” to fall onto the L orbit post) during semifinals.


There is an adjustment screw on the opposite side on the ball guide.


I agree on the super skill ours totally seems like the shooter spring needs to be one tension higher.


I put a stronger spring in mine (purple) which makes the super skill possible on my game. I tried stretching the stock green one which helped a bit but it would still fail occasionally.

Keith, I absolutely love the game! Everything about it is top notch. You knocked your first game out of the park!

Quick question… What is the yellow light on the backboard supposed to do?-behind the left ramp.


Possibly found a bug. If battle is lit and sarcophagus lock is lit and you hit the center ramp, hit the target, but ball flies wildly and doesn’t get trapped by the up post and you immediately drain; you wont be allowed to collect EDDIE letters or start a mode for the rest of the game.


Sounds like a great money making feature :wink: Ok, I’ll let Rick know


Yellow light is super ramps, red light tomb award ready


Keith, noticed that the battle mode timer on the screen goes away when you stack on Mummy or Trooper MB. Any chance it could be coded to keep the running mode timer in the upper right of the screen when a MB is running?


Already done