Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Mine usually hits the post just below the big loop. The autolaunch goes around smoothly though.


What if you beat the Beast? I assume you keep level 2 cards, but you need to get a level 1 card of each in order to requalify the beast?


Once you beat the beast he stays beaten until you play run to the hills


I don’t know when idle (player up) callouts were added, but I appreciate them so very much!


Cyborg Total bug: In Ray’s video of a sweet game of Maiden he just posted, there’s definitely some miscalculation of his Cyborg MB total of only 66MIL. His 4th or 5th Cyborg JP collect was at 54MIL alone, but during the grace period. Perhaps the Cyborg Total is calculating prior to the MB grace period expiring? So it gave him the last-second 54MIL JP without adding it to the Cyborg total, even though the Cyborg Total displayed after the last Cyborg JP collect?
Beginning of his Cyborg:


Has anyone actually gotten to (legitly) Run To The Hills Wizard Mode yet?
If so, what’s it all about?


I can launch, have a ball drain out of the right orbit after a Pharaoh shot or shoot the left orbit/spinner and live catch on the lower right flipper. According to my newfangled digital level, I’m as close to zero as possible L/R and 7 degrees slope.


So, I’m trying to figure out what just happened. Short version: I was awarded a Sextuple (maybe I mis-heard and it was Septuple) super jackpot (at the center short ramp?)

I was working on the last mode before 2MtM (Hallowed) and completed it during Mummy MB. I then collected my second soul shard. The center ramp was flashing red, which seemed odd to me since I thought this only occurred when Cyborg or 2MtM are qualified (maybe other things, but I’m just now getting deeper into the game). I’m fairly certain that this shot is what awarded me a Se(x/p)tuple super. After draining back to single ball play, I correctly had to spell EDDIE on the ramps to qualify 2MtM.

The other oddity is that I had all 4 EDDIE cards, and I’m fairly certain that occurred while still in Mummy, which seems impossible to me since I hadn’t yet qualified or started 2MtM. In fact, I sadly never did and drained with the last “E” left. I wish I had video of this because I’m sooo confused.

Any ideas on possibilities of what happened?

Also, an unrelated bug that I’m able to reproduce rather easily. 1P game. Tilt ball 1. Ball 2 begins and quick start a new game. 2 balls enter the shooter lane.


Sounds a bit like you hit a mummy super, which is collected at the center ramp. That would award you an Eddie card. Though if you haven’t started 2mtm yet, I don’t know how you’d have all 4.


Bah, 1 away from Run to the Hills!


That’s awesome man.
I’ve only been able to collect 1 level2 Eddie card. So damn difficult, but it SHOULD be.


How do you get level 2 Trooper card? The wiki says get all shots to 5x, but what are the rules for that? Do you basically have to hit alll the shots, then hit the super, then repeat 5x? Any time you get a super does it only increase the x for jackpots you’ve got, and leave the others in the dust?


Yes. I try to collect all the 1x I can before I hit either the super or the add-a-ball at the ramp for just this reason.


You advance jackpot X by either scoring a super which will advance X on all the shots you completed or by clearing out all the jackpots which will advance X on all shots. The key is how you use the cannon which can spot up to 3 jackpots so save it for the 3 hardest shots. Once you score a super you can re-light the cannon on the drops.


Guessing it was the beast callout for Mummy super. A 2nd super jackpot is double the values of a normal super and there are speech calls for Super, Double, Triple, Quadruple, Sextuple, and Ultra (anything above). It factors in all multipliers.

Sounds like you collected hallowed soul shard and mummy double super at the center ring, or regular super with 2x running. Probably got a ton of points.


So if you combine this with that @ChubbyGoomba said, does that mean if you start the multiball, hit ALL 1x jackpots (maybe using the cannon to spot a hard one), then it the super, ALL your jackpots will now be at 3x?


Been getting deeper into this game and really loving it! Had my first effective use of the “Collect 2x Bonus” award the other day for a 350M point collect; super satisfying reward for making it that far in the tomb progression! Usually soul shards are my limiting factor; have some questions about collection/qualification behavior:

I’ve noticed that if you hit a shot that would normally qualify a soul shard during the grace period after a mode ends, the shot value is awarded and the callout plays, but you don’t get the soul shard. Is this the intended behavior or a bug? Specifically I’ve seen this happen on Hallowed, Aces High, and RotAM and it is soul crushing every time~ (get it?? :laughing:)

Also, I’ve noticed that when you collect a soul shard via the lvl 3 mystery award after playing 2MTM, it does not qualify a tomb award. This seems like it must be a bug since soul shards don’t do a whole lot for you otherwise (assuming you’ve already defeated the beast by that point :wink:). Note that it does correctly mark the soul shard as collected in the status menu though.


I was just able to reproduce it. No Keith game, but I was pleased. It was indeed a Sextuple with (I’m fairly certain a 3x) multiplier going simultaneous with the hallowed soul shard. And yeh, the points floweth! (Finished with just over 900M).

The funny thing is that this scenario sort of boxes you in. Once back in single ball play, I had to spell EDDIE to start 2MtM. Now, I’ve got 4 Eddie cards lit, but can’t play NotB until I start and end 2MtM. Sort of wish it was a MB as I really didn’t want to time it out, but again decided to play it through. Drained on my second run through the shots, end of game :frowning:


Also, can I request that the code halt the loop jackpot timer while the ball is being held by the post? While waiting for a lengthy mode start animation to complete, it’s pretty easy to time out even a significant amount of loop jackpot time remaining.


Just did some glass off. So collecting all the jackpots will start the next x. Hitting the super after that will advance a shot to the next x, but not all of them. It seems like SJP/cannon should be used when you need to relight the majority of your shots. Also, while he said the cannon can take up to 3 shots, it starts only spotting one, I’m betting additional shots require drops to be completed.