Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Maybe had more than one power jackpot ready to collect?


Wouldn’t that just add to the displayed value and increase the multiplier? Meaning that if he had two to collect, each worth 1 million, then it would show a 2 million point 2x jackpot?


Got me there. I thought it was straightforward too. Haha


Confirmed on 1.0.2.

Did this SSSS (hold left flipper, plunge to mini flipper, shoot mini loop, combo to SJP target) on ball two after doing a regular super skillshot on ball one. It awarded me 50 million in points plus ~4 other awards, didn’t get a chance to read them. On ball three I hit the regular super skill shot again for 45 million as it was the 3rd time in the game.


I’ve had this bug pretty regularly now. Not sure the exact repro case.


From the 1.02 README from yesterday’s release:

Are you quick restarting?


Single ball or Multiball play? If it was Multiball there could have been a bamboozle where another Super Feature finished right before the target hit to boost the value to 2 x 2 x 4.5M.

Target award priority order is Power then Orb, so he couldn’t have pulled a fast one via Mystery.


No this is on location. I’ve had it happen a couple times and I’m pretty sure it is related to collecting the second bomber jackpot (thus moving the mode into the fighter ace sequence) right after you drain your other ball.



It seems to happen fairly regularly if I drain out my ball during the roving shot round. Then on next game, aces will start with roving lights.

… might be related to starting fighter ace in grace period as Frisbez suggested.


Mummy MB bug on Premium 1.0.2
I was in Mummy MB with the left ramp lock lit. I drained one ball and shot the left ramp with the other. It registered the Mummy lock and played the animation. But as Mummy MB ended, the game did not know that the ball was in the lock and I had to wait for a ball search for it to release the ball. Not a big deal, but seem like there might be a better way to handle that situation.


Subsequently, I have confirmed that the mini loop/SJP combo SSSS gives you 25 million the first time.

The 50 million mentioned above was doubled due to the regular super skillshot on ball one.

So, the SSS and the SSSS both count towards the multiplication of the points value.


Only works with a half credit on the game ; 0


Question on Eddie cards: The wiki says that flashing Eddie cards will stay flashing after Number of the Beast. Does this mean, theoretically, if you could get three out of the four flashing, and lets say leave “Trooper” not flashing, that you can simply get a Trooper Super to re-qualify Number of the Beast again? Then fail out of NOTB, and only have to get another Trooper Super to requalify? Or do you have to get level 1 Eddie cards again, but the inserts don’t help you? This was the case in Ironman, which, for the longest time (because Pinball News said so), I was taught to believe that a flashing Monger insert meant I didn’t have to start Monger in order to get Do Or Die. Turns out, if you go into ball 2 of Iron Man with monger flashing, and qualify the other four things, you won’t get Do or Die unless you actually play a monger that ball. I was told this was done to prevent someone from just getting Do or Die over and over again if they somehow got everything flashing except for one thing.

It’s definitely a little different in Maiden because getting a Trooper Super (the easiest of all of them) is actually pretty hard considering how hard it is to start additional Trooper multiballs. Also, did we ever find what the last ? is for getting a tomb award? Do you have to win Number of the Beast? If so, that would definitely help to be able to get multiple attempts at it.



“Flight of Brickarus”? LOL! Thanks for the laugh Keith.


Fairly certain the Aces High bug persists in 1.02 in some capacity. During Amazing Race practice (on a Pro), we twice had a game where someone made it to the roving shot portion of the mode and drained. On a subsequent game (coin drop so no quickstart), player gets to Aces High and is served a MB, but starting with the roving shot tier.

Will do some glass off testing when I get home, but a bunch of us observed this.


Yeah, will be fixed for at least Pinburgh


Yes, level 2 locks in that card. If you get all 4 level 2 and lose to the Beast you get an instant rematch next ball. Yes, NOTB victory unlocks a tomb award as well as all level 2 cards. You can now spot a soul shard after playing 2MtM with a level 3 orb award.


For other owners out there, what happens on a full plunge, no flip?

Right now, mine comes around and hits the top of the right sling. I have played to other where this comes perfectly to the lower right flipper.

I am trying to decide if this is level issue, lane guide issue, or upper flipper alignment issue.


Spotting hole for the UR flipper should be directly in the middle of the flipper bat tip