Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


All my attempts were one timers. I’ll try and take the glass off and see if you have time to catch and snipe.


It wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying if you trapped up first. Besides, that’s not a skill shot anymore.

I like this one as a backup for when I overplunge the super skill shot. Nice to have a “Plan B”. :slight_smile:


Imo the only games that deserve ball savers are those where the ball never makes its way 100% to the flipper after the plunge… EG: TWD.


I agree. With TWD I will allow a short ball save time.


Quick suggestion.

Fear of the dark mode.

How about backbox lighting goes off during it?


We prefer ball savers off but will manually place the ball on the right flipper at the start of every ball. It slows the tournament down a little bit, but gives a 100% level of confidence that you won’t have a house ball. We feel it’s worth it and the players seem to universally approve.


Learned something interesting today. On premium in Rime, if you hit the last shot to move it to the center and the center in quick succession, you can be on the ramp when it lifts, and if you hit the bulls eye it counts it.


How is TWD any different than any other game? You have the option to short plunge.


Discovered an odd bug that only a schmuck who restarts games prematurely could find.

Hold start button to restart a game while a mode is running. Start a mode on the new game. Old mode from previous game will audibly count down during your new mode, but no old mode shots appear to be active. When the old mode times out, it shows complete (lit solid) on the playfield. So your new game shows two modes complete after playing one mode. Hope that makes sense.

Pro v1.01, if that matters.


I actually found this one yesterday and was able to repeat. You can actually shoot the loop first after a full plunge and then shoot the orb (I have the premium so it’s easier) to get it.


EDIT: Just did this again with left flipper up, full plunge, two loops then direct shot to the orb. Maybe it waits for three switches. Every little bit counts!


Are you being serious?

That sounds a lot outside of the realm of reasonableness. Play the game as designed or don’t bother. If the randomness of launching into the pops is an issue, that’s what a ball saver is for.




The ball saver doesn’t guarantee the elimination of house balls (a house ball being that it never touches the flipper). Ball savers are awarded to players that have made contact with the ball in play (thus not a house ball), and ball savers have failed to award a player with the save when they have yet to touch the ball.

This solution of placing the ball on the flipper GUARANTEES a consistent, equal-to-all solution. This is EXACTLY what people are looking for with respect to how a ball saver should be performing.

Why ‘hope’ that the ball saver works for that purpose when we have a solution that can 100% do the task?




@pinwizj - what’s your go to reply? Something like, why should player A get rewarded with 2 balls because he drained 4.99 seconds into his game, and player B get’s only one ball because he drained one-tenth of a second after player A.


I suggest implementing this for your 27 strike tournament.


That sounds like something I would say :slight_smile:


Found a bug.

Newest code on Premium (but could definitely happen on the pro as well).

Aces High multiball. Collect your second bomber jackpot as you drain the multiball.

Start a new game and play Aces High, you will start with the shots roving as if you are in the fighter ace phase but the rules are the initial collect 4 shots to light bombers with each shot worth 750k as usual. I don’t know what happens if you get back to the bomber phase.

Your next game Aces High will be back to its usual behavior.


I got a few more games on IM last night and have a question about the power jackpots. How does the scoring work when you collect them? I thought it would be straight forward, meaning whatever is listed at the bottom right side of the screen * Power Jackpot multiplier * PF multiplier, but it doesn’t seem to work that way.

One guy had ~3.5 million for the 1x power jackpot and a 2x PF, but he was awarded something like 16 million for the shot.