Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Was wondering what the Flight of Icarus SS goal was. :slight_smile:
Added them to the wiki.


Confirmed with glass off:

  1. When all ball saves are turned off, hitting any of the secret skill shots that normally award a ball save extension, does NOT give you a ball save.

  2. Left Outlane = 25M and no ball save

  3. Left inlane = 5M and no ball save

  4. Center ramp = 6M and no ball save

  5. Right orbit = 8M and no ball save

  6. Hold Left flipper up and hit super jackpot target = 10m plus x playfield

  7. No flippers up, shoot the extra ball target = 1M plus Eddie letter.

I’ve tried numerous combinations of only the right flipper up as well as both flippers up. Haven’t found the others yet.


Ha, that means you can plunge the left oulane skill shot and end your ball. Reminds me of the way Congo was setup at that one Northwest Champs @Adam


Only if all ball saves are off. Otherwise you will get a ball save for the left outlane plunge.


I hope anyone turning off skill shot ball save at a tournament will label it as such. I hadn’t heard of that setting and it’s definitely outside of what players would normally expect.


At the tournaments I TD, I announce all ball saves are off if they can be disabled, just like EM’s.


Left flipper up, full plunge to bottom right flipper directly to orb for power jackpot +X +3mil power jackpot boost.


Keith, was wondering about a few possible updates for the loop jackpot:
1: Would it be a good idea to include a timer in the LCD to show how long you have left to obtain the jackpots?
2: Would it be a good idea to have the possibility of extending the time allowed to get a jackpot say by shooting the inner right loop to add 5 secs? This would also make shooting the inner right loop more attractive.


I believe the inner loop already gives +3 seconds (silently).


Plus, doesn’t the inner right loop score 2x the loop jackpot?


“more attractive”


Finally got my pro yesterday. Glad to see it shipped with a red plunger spring!

As with some of the other pros I’ve played the staging is weird. Right side stages normally, left side stages backwards where a half button release drops the lower flipper, while the upper stays held. Why is there so much staging variance on this particular title?


Quality control at Stern?


IMDN is the first Stern that I know of that uses a stack of a normally closed switch and a normally open switch on the cabinet buttons. Could it be the switch was just installed backwards?


Have seen this on a pro as well.


FWIW, mine was delivered today and stages correctly on both sides.


I’ll get mine sorted out at home, but boy is this a fun killer when playing on location where the ops are either unreachable or unwilling to make the repair.


I am pretty sure it is just a switch gap issue. With the make or break like switch, you can independently adjust when each flipper triggers, allowing it to be backwards more easily.


I heard that GOT Premium/LE used this new type of flipper switch stack also, but it’s a relatively new setup for Stern. Easy to adjust if your flippers are staging in reverse.

I imagine there is some benefit but not sure what it is (other than the ability to allow for reverse staging if you wanted, which I could see being helpful on the upper PF in GOT…albeit unfair).


Mine came from the factory with the staging backwards - 2 min fix.