Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Plot twist: It’s the GOTG orb.


Simple solution: don’t do that :wink:


Hah! I won’t now. But sometimes I just get compelled to crank the volume during that animation sequence :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for the future release notes: “Changing volume during gameplay will now end your game”.


I’m not sure if this has been fixed or not. I was playing on 0.98 with both revives lit. During Trooper MB, I was down to 2 balls. One ball goes out the right. While doing the revive animation, another ball goes out the left and doesn’t award me a revive on the left and the multiball ends.


1.01 code, playing 2MTM with Revive lit and the initial 2MTM ball saver running. I drained out the right outlane and it ate up my Revive (and correctly plunged a ball back into play).

I was expecting the Revive to remain lit since I believe everywhere else in the game the ball saver supersedes Revive…unless I’m mistaken?


Sadly, I was mistaken when I reported earlier that I thought that the music attenuation bug was fixed in v1.0.1.

  1. Set music attenuation = -25 in settings.
  2. Select song at start of ball 1.
  3. Music drops in vol during bonus countdown.
  4. Leave the current song playing at start of ball #2. Music vol. isn’t restored to original desired volume. :persevere:
  5. If you switch songs the vol. is reset. But I want to hear the rest of my first song, not the beginning again.

It would be really nice if this could be fixed. Simply keeping music attenuation at default and cranking it up makes the sound effects much too loud.


The SAM games had attenuation for sounds, which you could increase to drop the sound in relation to the music. Does Spike2 offer this adjustment?


@sk8ball Thanks for the revised tilt debounce flexibility for tourney settings. At Bat City Open, we used tourney settings, with a chosen debounce of 850ms, and also with the earplug mod installed on the plumb bob… and found a good balance of allowing the player to nudge, and get one decent save without always going straight to tilt.

Plus, skill shots galore!

Last: It was also nice knowing that there wouldn’t be any big loop shot registering issues with 1.01 installed. Thanks for the fix!


The tilt debounce was being abused it seemed so we made changes


Just wondering how you can collect extra balls? One of the ways says Tomb Treasure but I’m sure I’ve collected an extra ball a different way. Is it when you play 2 or 3 Eddie Battle modes?


I don’t think there are any from the Eddie modes, but there is one from the third Power mode. I’m not 100% sure if it’s when you start your third power mode, or when you finish it…but I believe it’s the former.

Edit: Apparently it’s finishing the second power mode.

Edit edit: Okay, it is actually the third power mode.


Two power completions, 4th Tomb award, random Orb award (adjustable).
Page 8:


The defaults have changed in the latest code. It’s 3 power completions, and I think the 5th tomb award now. Didn’t know about the orb eb, don’t think I ever got it.


Maybe when they update the document they could update the manual regarding warranty coverage for the DMD boards too. Back cover still mentions DMD. Probably every manual does, I’m guessing no one proof-read it with an eye for that change.


What did it give you in terms of points and other awards?


I tried with the glass off and got the same award as simply plunging the inlane. I also tried a regular skill shot target to Shatz and got nothing. It seems Shatzing the left lane/target is not currently a secret skill shot.


Yes, it’s hitting the left inlane rollover switch before anything else within a few seconds of plunging. It scores 5 million and +5 seconds ball saver.

Added in 1.01, you can soft plunge and hit the bullseye, worth 6 million and +10 seconds ball saver. This doesn’t increase if you get it multiple times per game (is that true of all the secret skill shots?)


The Congo-style secret skill shot remains fixed at 25M, even on multiple successful shots during a game.


A buddy last night was awarded 25 Million + 10s ball save by making a full plunge and then firing the ball down the left outlane with the upper flipper. I’m assuming this is the same as the plunge the left outlane skill shot, but I thought I’d throw it up there anyway.