Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I have played 6 games total so this may be a dumb question but: yesterday I got all the power modes done but the question mark did not indicate being ready to go, is there something I could have overlooked? My last one was power ramps, I had one shot left and shot the right ramp. Yellow triangle became solid and the “power ramps” light (by the ramp entrance) went off but the display still showed “1” ramp hit missing. Help :slight_smile:


Did you collect the power jackpot after hitting the ramp? I think that’s needed then you’ll have cyborg ready to go at the center ramp.


I did not. The wiki is not clear on this, thanks!!


I think I am coming around to the observation (pointed out to me by @ryanwanger) that you tend to make progress towards 2 minutes and Cyborg together. I wanted there to be a tradeoff between going to 2minutes or Cyborg. This is probably do to the fact that I am bad at hitting ramps in multiball, so I end up advancing Eddie letters and ramps together.

It ends up being that that you hit both mini wizard mode and then are close to number of the Beast all back to back.


Yet only one of them is a multiball so I see no issues.


Great interview on H2H.
Love Keith’s quote that RTTH is a carrot for players like Bowen and Gagno.


I haven’t looked at all the settings, but if it were possible, what would you change to stagger them a little?


Why? I don’t see any reason for this.

Oh, and you can’t stack 2MTM and Cyborg… I got them both qualified, and shot the bulls-eye. But no multiball stack on 2MTM. :smirk:


So there will be a real Run to the Hills and not just a “Run to the Hills” champion/Cyborg bug. Alright, I’m looking forward to this. :slight_smile:

It all depends on how you play, honestly. I have about 4x as many Cyborg starts as 2 Minutes starts, with the majority of my last shots required being Orbits. I play a bit more of a ramp-heavy game (because the ramps return in a controlled manner, unlike most of the orbit return options), so I’m usually making a gear shift in strategy to go for Cyborg.

Also @sk8ball, will we ever have a compiled list of mystery awards or is that burden on us to find?


Instant info will show you the available awards for your current level


Only gameplay setting change I’ve made was increasing the power pyramid extra ball qualification up to 4. I kind of hope there’s an option for 0 (no extra ball) in future code so only 1 eb can be earned via pharaoh awards rather than power features; but honestly not a big deal how it is now.

Speaking of pharaoh awards, there are 10!?!? Holy crimminey, I love it lol. Furthest I’ve gotten is #5. I might actually need both EB’s now that I think about it if I’m going to get ever have a chance at all 10 :blush:


Agreed. Great interview of @sk8ball including details about Maiden on Head 2 Head’s latest podcast.


The interview was excellent although I’m sorta bummed about the Pro model missing out on “Can I Play with Madness” mode. Although strategically I like that the Pro’s 3rd tomb award is +15m to Power Jackpot. Gives more weight to the Power Jackpot shot.

This game is really good at making me realize the weaknesses in my game which is primarily multiball play. I have a terrible success rate at beating Mummy mb and generally don’t score that well in Trooper or the MB modes. However I can light it up during the single ball modes or during 2MTM. I occasionally do well in Cyborg but have some really lousy rounds as well. What’s everyone else putting up for mode scores?


The two times I’ve got to Cyborg I got 8 mil and 14 mil. :roll_eyes:


A question regarding LE setup:

Should it be a ball placed behind the mummy newton ball at start?

We have currently not, and hitting the mummy ball awards no letters. What is the correct beha2viour and setup?

We tried placing one of the six trough balls behind the mummy captive ball, and each hit awarded lettter resulting in the gate opening on the left ramp. Locked a ball, and hotting consecutive hits on the mummy captive ball started mb, but after that there was no ball left behind it and no mummy hits were registered again. Wtf?


It sounds like you need to adjust the leaf switch on the spoon for the captive ball. With no ball it should function just like the orb. Go into switch test and adjust.


I guess this os where i should mention that the orb is not registering either. So i assume for each newton ball its a switch issue. Will bring this to the operators attention.


I hate to say this but these newton ball switches seem to be fairly chronically out of adjustment on this game. There is a whole thread on pinside with people affected by this.

It seems like you need to extend the metal post under the newton ball a bit by unscrewing it partially to provide more leverage for the post to move the pop bumper spoon enough to reliably trigger the switch.

I fought with my game’s switch adjustments and couldn’t find a sweet spot where it would reliably fire when hit without eventually also firing when a pop bumper fired nearby, or the flippers. After extending the post length a bit it has been reliable but it’s only been a few days so the jury is out on this one.

Also a number of people including myself who had inoperable ball “Captive Ball Hit” switches at the top of the sarcophagus lock trough. Mine never worked at all out of box, the switch was far too stiff to allow the blade to compress it. It replaced it with a microswitch variant and it is working well for me now.

Based on the number of people reporting issues I expect this to be a major problem for distributors to deal with on the Premium and LE models. Something the team at Stern might want to review and get in front of?


Bug on PRO v1.0

Feature Adjustment #159 - Start Madness. If you change this to Yes it’ll cause the game to reboot. I don’t think it’s intended to be on the pro?

btw; thanks for the extra ball adjustments :slight_smile:


Bug on 1.0 Pro

During Cyborg, the flashing power item on screen doesn’t always correspond with with remaining power inserts on the playfield. Specifically the Targets icon flashing on screen while Orbits insert was flashing on the playfield.