Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


I had an unfortunately timed tilt that registered the very instant I started a mode (ball was in danger, made a move, shot the center ramp as I was getting my 2nd warning). Saw the mode start, tilt registered immediately after. Then… apparently I was unable to start any more modes, but it also showed I had all my EDDIE letters. For the rest of that game, I couldn’t seem to play any modes or make any advancement toward them. Haven’t been able to fully recreate this, but I also know this was on 0.97.


Code request:
Can you program it so flipper buttons toggle through each individual high score page? Way it works now is you can toggle it to the GC then you have to let it scroll on its own. Thanks :smile:


Was the Maiden at NYCPC running .97?




This morning I finally broke the billion mark including a 600 million + CyborgMB. After the MB was over the Cyborg insert was blinking. What does this indicate?


That means you got the level 2 cyborg Eddie card.

What does that mean? No idea.


Level two locks in that card if you lose to the beast (recommend getting level 2 soldier :slight_smile: ) so you do not have to repeat collecting that card to rematch. Also collecting all 4 level 2 unlocks the last tomb award


And how does one collect a level 2 soldier? Number of SJPs?


Think you have to collect a 2x 2MTM super


I made it to Number of the Beast on location last night. Then proceeded to score a whopping 26M from the mode. Fail!


Played cyborg multiball on the LE last night a couple times. Loved the LCD animations and light show. Very well done.


Seriously, Cyborg is pretty to look at. That, and the rules are pretty tight as well with progressive jackpots and multipliers!


That’s better than me. I got number of the beast just last week and proceeded to destroy it with a total score of 1 million :blush: lol


.98 code is now out.


.98 code PRO:

seems some of the stacked shots have some choppy call outs now. For example, battle mode + Pharaoh lock call outs get cut out. Same with Pharaoh award + ball lock 3. there was a couple others too but not sure what the triggers were.


Updated some of the 0.98 and 0.97 changes in the Wiki:

  • Hallowed scoring
  • Icarus scoring
  • Loop Jackpot collect upper flipper/multiplier change on 3rd+ Loop Jackpot
  • Beast rules added
  • New Tomb awards


1B Power JP when? :slight_smile:


I think 1B PJP will be tough to get, but a half bil PJP seems within reach: especially if the two PJP Tomb awards occur in sequence, where you can stack their qualification, and enjoy a 5x 15M PJP at a minimum. Throw in some other power feature completions for another 1-3x, plus around 5M more on the base value, and toss in a 3x PFx for 480M. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah, 500M is definitely feasible. Going through the rest of the perfect storm math…

11x Power Jackpot (5x features, 5x Tomb)
Base PJP of 24M (from 5x features and 15M tomb, not including any of the points gained from progressing the Power Modes)

Total PJP before any points from the Power mode progress: 264M

3x Playfield collect: 792M

Now throw all the points for 40 spins, 10 orbits, etc. in and we’ve got some room for error. :slight_smile:


How does the add a ball work on aces and time? Sometimes it seems like I definitely get a good hit on the orb standup and no dice.