Iron Maiden Pinball Rulesheet (WIP)


Having to re-qualify trooper locks is a possible rule. If this is your own game check what the trooper lock difficulty settings are at.


.97 Code question/bug;

First off, new Cyborg MB is bad ass!!! Second, is this a bug or intended - I could not qualify 2x or 3x once in Cyborg multiball. Is that intended to limit scoring imbalances?

Also, forgot to mention this earlier, but Loop Jackpot timer would continue to run when ball is held for mode starts; don’t know if this is fixed in .97 yet or not but worth mentioning.

New sound effects all over the board (especially mummy mb) are very welcomed and extremely well done. Good job guys!


Haven’t played the new code, but just finished the readme. Seems like you saw the intended behavior: “‘CYBORG MB DISABLE X TARGETS’ default changed from NO to YES”


ah sweet, thanks. I don’t know how to read anymore, I just like to play lol :blush:


I will say too - the new “{Feature}: Change” format in the changelog is very nice.


My game is set to factory. After installing .97 I had a mode running and locked a ball for TMB. After locking the first ball the inner orbit the insert was no longer lit for a lock. The outer orbit was, making the inner orbit did lock a ball though.

Really enjoying the game.


If you have 2X/3X running prior to starting Cyborg will the X-targets add time during Cyborg?


Even before 0.97, there is at least one mode where the inner orbit shot fails to display both the mode color and the green lock color. (I’m almost certain this happens in Fear of the Dark when you’re in a “shoot spinners” phase of the mode, but there could be other modes as well).

It’s really just a “shot doesn’t show both colors at once bug”, and not a ball locking bug.


Correct. In .93 I had the ball locking bug but have not seen it in .97.


Mummy add-a-ball is tough now! I’ve done it once in 10+ tries. Gotta suck it up and #playbetter.


How do add a balls work? I never see any indication on the screen of play field on his or where to get them…


It’s different for each multiball.

Add a ball requirements from what I gather:
Mummy mb - 1 mummy jp + 2 yellow shots. You can get one of the yellow shots prior to the mummy jp; but in order to get the AAB the 2nd yellow shot must come after the mummy jp.

Trooper Mb: Get all 3 drops down to load the cannon (center ramp target shot) - then shoot the center ramp target.

Aces High: AAB comes from mystery

Rime of the Ancient Mariner: AAB comes from mystery


Bug Report:

Loop Jackpot timer doesn’t freeze when ball is held captive from battle mode, mummy lock, pharaoh, etc…


Oh man, I suck more than I thought. Thought it was three (both ramps and right orbit).


Oh to add to mummy mb. You can continue to add balls per each mummy jp, just have to keep getting the yellow shots after each jp. So first mummy jp = 2 yellow shots; 2nd jp = 3 yellow shots and so forth. Thin it caps after 3 AAB?


What does a level 2 Cyborg card get you?


Mummy add-a-ball rules:
Shoot all gold scepter arrows. Max 3 AAB per MB
#Shots go from 2-4-8
Shot memory so if you get 2 AAB on multiball 1 the second multiball you need all 8 shots to AAB


I suggest you not shoot those shots during Loop Jackpot then :slight_smile:


SKB: Please add the mummy update to the wiki, if you haven’t already. The other AAB details are already there, I believe.


Keith, thanks so much for designing such an awesome and fun pinball of my dream theme and favorite band who shaped me from when I was young :smiley:

Now, I saw this video and I wonder if anyone know how to set up so get these insane amounts of points from each loop and then the loop jackpot? According to the rules I cant really see how it will add up to 30-40 million plus, each loop?