IPDB offline?


Anyone else having difficulty getting through to IPDB lately? None of my browsers can link to it on either phone or PC.


I saw a message on the site earlier in the week that they may have downtime because their servers were based in Houston.


Looks like it’s going to be down for some time:



You don’t notice how much you use it until it goes down for a few days. You can see archived pages of the site at:


Let’s you download manuals and stuff too.


Aren’t they hosted by Pair, and thus using Pair’s servers?


DNS is currently pointing to a Comcast Business IP address in Texas. Smells like a small private thing rather than a data center, but I could be wrong.


Maybe the Papa facility flooded again?

IPDB is back up again, with a warning.


Is the warning, “Don’t Mess With Texas”?