Invites to tournaments as prizes

Yeah, Pinburgh sold out quickly, but there are several other big tournamnets that sell out just as quick nearly every year. I’d like to know if any of the limited space tournaments have thought about making available “invites” to be used for prizes?

I’m sure there are smarter people than me that have considered this, but I think it would be great for majors to take the Masters approach. Past winners get lifetime invitations. Top 12 and ties get automatic invites, etc…

I guess time will tell if this is really necessary though.

I could get behind that. Is just like a chance to play at the 24 hour battle.

Quadruple the entry fee and you won’t have a problem. :slight_smile:


We’ve contemplated it for the 24 hour but it just seems unfair to guarantee any spots for any one for any reason. Mark and I run the event and we even make his wife Dana franticly try to reserve a spot online like everyone else! :wink:

The best solution we have now is all spots open to everyone at the exact same time. The only better solution is to expand these events. It’s something we can’t do currently and pinburgh is restricted by its volunteers which is why I volunteered to not play this year and be a tech to try and help expand registration there.


In fact after the first year we tried the previous players get first invites for tickets for like 48 hours before they go to the Public. That year we expanded from 40 to 64.(we expanded to 100 after that) Guess how many new players got to sign up even with expansion. 26 I think it was. If we did something like that again it’s the same people every year. A few swap outs maybe due to rigid schedule conflicts here or there for people.

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If you were to have satellite tournaments, similar to poker, it would increase the participation of these events but unlikely make any significant difference to the number of “new” people making Pinburgh.
What has always seemed strange to me, that despite the tickets selling out so quickly every year (45 seconds this year!!!) That the big names always get a ticket. That suggests to me that either if you are dedicated enough to sit at your keyboard at opening time you’ll get in, or something else is going on.

I think it would only need a ‘Masters style approach’ if the big names couldn’t guarantee entry through the standard first come first served criteria currently being used - which doesn’t seem to be the case

It’s this simple. Do this and you’ll get a ticket one way or another. Worst case you’re early on the waitlist and will get in later.