Please pre-register for intergalactic by Monday noon if you plan on competing and haven’t already pre-registered. It will help those of us volunteering our time to make this tournament happen immensely. You’ll receive your player id and pin by email and be all set to self queue.

We’ll be closing online registration after Monday and you’ll have to wait in line. And the person in front of you won’t have showered in two days. And the person behind you will be mad at the person in front of you.

Tournament details are at

Thank you!


When will the player ids be sent? I registered on July 9 but haven’t received my player Id/pin yet.

You’ll get the email this week. Probably late Monday.


Does waiting in line at the show get you out of the $2.50 “service fee”?

Do we need to actually print the paper tickets to get out of the $1.00 “mobile fee” ?

It’s my understanding that you won’t avoid the $2.50 service fee by paying in person. You do not need to print tickets for intergalactic or pay the $1 mobile fee.

I’m thinking about playing in this, but I see that the finals are in direct conflict with WIPT. If I play skillfully enough to qualify for Intergalactic finals, will any accommodations be made so that I can play in both? or do I have to choose between one or the other?


Unfortunately you will need to choose to play in either Intergalactic finals or WIPT. You would have until 9:30 AM on Sunday to make that decision.