Intergalactic@ReplayFX - Scorekeepers needed

We are looking for scorekeepers for the Intergalactic tournament at ReplayFX on Friday, Jul 27th and Saturday, Jul 28th. We’ve expanded qualifying hours this year while keeping the same limited best game format. (10 entries, 16 game bank, top 4 scores count) This means more scorekeepers are needed.

If you’re able to help please email with your name, preferred hours and whether you’re playing Pinburgh. Don’t be afraid to signup for hours on Saturday after noon if you’re playing in Pinburgh. If you have to miss your shift due to still being in Pinburgh finals we understand.

If you keep score for 2 or more hours we’ll cover your entry into the tournament ($20 value) and you can play in the scorekeeper dedicated qualifying hours of 6-8 pm Friday (non Pinburgh players only) and 9-10 am Saturday. Additonally, hours scorekeeping apply towards general volunteer compensation for ReplayFX. (see

All proceeds from this tournament go to charity, so we’d really appreciate your help making it a success.
The current scorekeeping schedule is posted at

Thank you!