Intergalactic Pinball Championship 2020 - Presale Tickets Available 2/22/2020!

Exact same for me. In fact last year I bought a ticket and didn’t play. Will probably do the same this year…

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I always find feedback valuable - it definitely has some worth.

I did the same thing. I didn’t get a chance to play a single entry. I was hoping the additional 7 hours of qualifying would thin the lines some a little more evenly over the course of a couple days rather than everyone rushing all at once at the end of the weekend.

One of the big factors with the cap had to do with the fact that we have to take 10% of qualifiers to finals. Given that growth is always the goal, and taking into consideration how long finals rounds took last year, I felt 80 finalists max would be my breaking point to finish within a reasonable amount of time, while still giving WIPT their time as well. It’s been a balancing act (a tough one at that) and I’ve really tried my hardest to take as much as I could into consideration before pulling the trigger on any decisions.

It’s not going to be perfect this year; this is my first year running it and really having the experience and exposure to something this massive when it comes to more than just being a TD in Pinburgh. I do appreciate the feedback, very much. I want it to be enjoyable for everyone. I’ll continue to improve over the years as the growing pains come and go.

Thanks everyone.


Unfortunately, based on the numbers from last year, IGPC hasn’t really been a casual tournament for a few years. I think less than 90 players who did not play in Pinburgh or WIPT played in IGPC last year.

As @Slamtilt mentioned, the cap is more a function of the maximum number of players we can handle in finals given our scheduling restrictions.


That’s pretty surprising!

Hey, just wondering if volunteer scorekeeping is going to grant you entry into intergalactic like last year or if volunteers will need to purchase an entry. I know it’s kind of a last hour question and most likely won’t be seen in time but figured I’d post just in case.

If volunteering for scorekeeping, you do NOT need to purchase an entry.