Intergalactic Pinball Championship '17 Feedback


Because you are considering the ‘both’ scenario where both systems are available.

Here, you don’t need ‘both’ - just create a separate instance… and move/insert the data to the online instance after the fact. The planning would just be in the data model… no need to worry about syncs.

The problem with a single offline/local system is actually you want all your users to be on your local network… and those local users also want public internet. So now you’ve moved the problem into how to build a wifi network for a few thousand people… and provide internet… instead of just ensuring a subset of users can reliably get online to work the app.

IMO - focus on making a extremely lightweight webapp that doesn’t take a lot of bw and is robust transaction wise and leave the networks to the end-user to pick their poison :slight_smile: At least that would be the effort that improves all possible paths.


Hrrmm… someone we must find an angle to sway my employer that they need to Sponsor ReplayFx and get some location based networking and advanced services contributed. I mean… we claim to be the world’s biggest networking company :smiley:

Re: skills. I’m sure the team doesn’t need any more chiefs :smiley: As product owner or PM my job has been to steer, not row the oars. In exchange for taking the bullets and doing the dancing… my team didn’t expect me to write the code :smiley: Now I sold my soul and moved back into evil sales so I can be even more unrealistic of the dev’s deliverables :blush:


Yes. Freaking. Please. This would be awesome for a variety of reasons, but the top one would be that we don’t actually HAVE any network engineers as staff or volunteers, and while there are plenty of us that can muddle our way through the basics we all have 900 other things to do.


Moooar sponsorship!


I had a few thoughts on the Intergalactic that I’m finally taking the time to type up.

First off, I thought it was greatly improved as compared to the first year! Thank you to everyone for their work on this.

I liked the suggestion of a small card or even a 1/4 sheet that lists the following:

  • Blank spot for your player ID and your player pin
  • URL to results site
  • Reminder that you can download the PAPA App and use it for this event
  • Overview of schedule (open times for qualifying, break for A Finals, etc.)
  • Basic overview of rules (play up to 10 games, top 4 count, 100-90-85 scoring, virtual queues, etc.)
  • Basic overview of finals (top 40 make it, check in at 9am, alternates will be bumped up)
  • Listing of the charities the entry fee is going to support

You can hand them out to the people waiting in line or just give them out after they register.

Regarding the event itself:

  • I loved the virtual queues. It took me all day to get through my 10 entries, but the entire rest of the day was spent playing other machines, taking a break to get food (while still be in queue), and generally enjoying the event much more than I did last year on Saturday when I spent a lot of time queuing
  • My experience in the earlier hours was that it was harder to get a tech than expected. Maybe about 12pm or so, the player in front of me on Meteor has a problem. Scorekeeper wasn’t sure what to do, so I said I’d go grab a tech. I assumed to use the same “tech call” station that we used in Pinburgh, but no one showed. Eventually we got another scorekeeper who got a tech and worked it out, but there was a delay. I personally didn’t experience any other delays for the rest of the event, so perhaps it was worked out more smoothly as the event went on.
  • Is there any way to have a few computers down there like we had at PAPA that would let people self-queue? Perhaps this wasn’t possible with the wi-fi configuration, but I found those machines at PAPA to be helpful.
  • Is there any way to “block” out the machines a bit better, perhaps with some chairs or some rope & stanchion? Again, I’m reminded of PAPA where there always felt like a good “runway” between the active players and those hanging out behind. With the volume of people who were there, it felt very tight to me to bob and weave through people between the machines, tables, and chairs. My thought on this would be to move the round tables back further against the wall, provide some more buffer space between the active player and those standing around waiting. I think the rope and stanchion / blockade of chairs will also enforce “active & on-deck players only” in the game area which can provide some more comfort and get people in and out faster on games. We had a similar problem this year at Pinfest in Allentown, and we’re looking at similar rope & stanchion solutions.
  • I was very disappointed to see once again that Dragon was not included in the Intergalactic Tournament. Why must this gem of a game be kept from the masses in the second biggest tournament in the galaxy?

Again, kudos to the group as I found this year’s iteration to be very enjoyable.


Dumb question, was the Intergalactic Pinball tourney for IFPA points this year? I think I broke the IFPA website refreshing the page so much waiting for my points :smiling_imp:


It was. It has not been submitted yet.


Is it going to be?



Remember, Doug needs to combine the results from two different scoring systems (one of which is comprised completely of my terrible hand writing) and verify the identities of 322 players to make sure the correct players are in the results. Oh, and he needs to do this while finding time for his two jobs, his sweetheart, and helping with other events (wasn’t that Buffalo coverage solid?)

I’m sure he could rush it, but then Josh and the IFPA team have to deal with the corrections. And I’m pretty sure they just love dealing with that,

And really, the results count the same whether they show up now or in December.


Just an FYI, the pre-Pinburgh Pingolf is still unreported, too. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with either.


Fair enough. It’s just going to be more points than I have total so I am excited to see it haha. Had a great time thanks for putting on a fun tournament! Kevin is just annoyed he had to watch me play finals for so long :-p


Not to “well, actually…” but just wanted to make sure people are aware, per the IFPA site, “Tournament submissions have 60 days from the tournament end date to submit results before it is deleted.” So December might be pushing it ;).


Rumors are that the Pingolf was submitted and you should see that soon


errrrr, I got nothing pending approval for that event. :confused:


I will let Matt and James know. Thanks Adam.


Hey look results are up


Yea I approved those a few weeks back now :slight_smile: