INDISCussion 2015

So, It Never Drains In Southern California 2015 is going on now. I note the standings are at:

Any comments on the show from people that are there? Certainly an interesting lineup of games in the Modern division…

Jonny Mnemonic
Party Zone
Rocky & Bullwinkle (sweet)
Walking Dead

I note with amusement Dave Stewart is currently #1 on SG and JM, a couple of old-era FSPA mainstays.

I’m curious if they did anything to the spinner on Johnny Mnemonic to reduce its impact or remove it altogether. Right now top score is 14B which would seem to me that they left it alone.

On FB yesterday I saw Dave say they added a screw to the spinner to make it off-balance. You can get maybe five spins out of it. He always crushes that game, I heard he has trillioned it?

Cant wait for the broadcast to fire up again!! I’d love to see some more Arena action. I’ve never played or seen one in person.


It was interesting to see their mod on Party Zone, where the ramp feeds the bumpers instead of a return lane. I guess in that case I’d be trying for the 10x Way Out Of Control bonus opportunity. Still some really good scores on it too, including Raymond Davidson at 174 million:

Personally I’d be spending more time over in classics, what a great lineup! Abra Ca Dabra is one of my all time favorite EMs. I assume that is the same one Jim brought to CAX a few years ago.

Any other requests for tonight’s broadcast apart from more Arena?

I’d love to see some PZ action. As well as TWD with the new code and R&B. Can’t imagine watching top world players on R&B and I’d love to see it!

Also, can we change this topic to INDISCussion 2015?


I wouldn’t mind seeing more walking dead so I can see what people who know how to pla do.

Id love to see some R&B. I’ve always avoided that game like the plague.


Please try to show at least 3 different games on the stream

Finals broadcast beginning shortly -

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Finals status is also online at

Trent shown with 22M on Congo? How is that even possible, did something happen?

… and the winner is … KARL! Well done, Mr. DeAngelo. Dave Stewart vs Trent Augenstein on Flash Gordon was a terrific game.


What a great broadcast! Fantastic job! Congrats to Karl for the win as well!

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I caught RAY’s 14 or 15 bill on JM during qualifying - Any other great games get recorded?

Would’ve loved to see Elwin’s 300 mil on TWD, but I don’t think the camera was rolling.

Thanks everyone for watching!

Sounds like the chat room was moving full steam. Would love to have an archive of it to go through, certainly something to keep in mind for future broadcasts. Perhaps adding it directly to the stream, but the potential for un-moderated comments to get through could be problematic. Curious why the standings dropped out at times but my suspicion is lack of bandwidth. We were fortunate to be able to broadcast at all with only a single signal bar on a Verizon LTE MiFi device!


Congratulations on your win!

We had a San Francisco tournament yesterday for those who couldn’t get to INDISC. The entire day we had your broadcast on the big screen at Free Gold Watch so anyone waiting between rounds could follow along. Since we had to have the audio muted it was really nice to have the standings displayed. And that tiltcam is the coolest thing!

I’m hoping it will be possible for you to put the games on youtube at some point. I like to go back and watch games and sometimes I can’t make it before twitch removes the videos.

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Both Saturday and Sunday are going up to YouTube now. 14GB total so it’s taking a while. They’ll be at