INDISC 2023 - January 12-15, 2023 at the Riverside Convention Center


INDISC 2023 featuring The Open IFPA World Championships will be held January 12-15, 2023 at the Riverside Convention Center in Riverside, CA. Full details on the tournaments, tickets, and hotel room blocks will be announced in the coming weeks. We hope you will join us!

-The INDISC Team

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see you there!


For anyone flying in for INDISC, Southwest is offering a fare sale to/from CA that ends today. Not sure how the rates are comparatively but for anyone who prefers SWA for whatever reason, probably worth looking into.

I was excited for a second but then tried it out and it says the code doesn’t apply for my route (MDW airport to ONT, or even LAX). It works for Denver though! Paging @Adam

I will, someday, find a use for Southwest. That day is not today though

You sure? Check it again as I see discounts for that route.

Your return, nope, assuming because of the holiday.

I’m cursed i dunno

edit: also doesn’t work on Thursday

I guess it only works on Wednesday.

No wonder Southwest never works for me… who flies anywhere on a Wednesday??

Thanks for the tip, @jay! Flight booked!


INDISC Ticket Announcement!

General INDISC 2023 tickets will go on sale Saturday, October 29 at 10am PDT on

4-Day Event Pass - $150
Classics Target Match Play With 4-Day Event Pass - $250
High Stakes Entry - $500 (10 Cards)
1-Day Event Pass - $50

Cards for The Open, Classics I/II, and Women’s will be purchasable on-site.

Pre-order your t-shirts when purchasing your INDISC tickets. This year we will have a special shirt designed by Brian Holderman!

On Thursday, October 27 at 10am, the 2023 INDISC All-In Package will go on sale for $1,000. This is a limited time and limited quantity package, available only until October 29 at 9:30am or until sold out. The All-In Package consists of:

1 Event T-Shirt designed by Brian Holderman ($25 value)
1 4-Day Event Pass ($150 value)
Classics Target Match Play Entry ($100 value)
High Stakes Entry ($500 value)
10 The Open IFPA World Championships Cards ($200 value)
10 Classics I/II/Women’s Cards ($150 value)

The INDISC All-In Package has a total value of $1,125!

Purchase your tickets at

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Does the all in package have a certain allotment of classics target matchplay tickets? Or once the target matchplay sells out, the All In package disappears? Or does the all in package become $900? Or …?

Similarly, is high stakes limited?

so if 80 people buy the All in package, High Stake will be sold out before the general opening on the 29th?
Seems risky for people that don’t want/can’t do classic target matchplay but want to do high stakes no?

also that may run afoul of the IFPA rules covering limited events

Bummed about the Target Match Play entry being included in the All-In Package, as someone not interested in High Stakes. I get it. Just bummed!

The All-In Package will only be available from Oct 27 @ 10am PDT to Oct 29 @ 9:30am PDT. The number of packages available equals the number of High Stakes entries available. High Stakes and Classics Target Match Play availability for individual sale on Oct 29 will be adjusted based upon the number of All-In Packages sold.

A waitlist will also be made available if/when High Stakes and Classics Target Match Play sell out.

Off the record…I personally do not anticipate selling out of the All-In Package by any means.

i seriously doubt that will be the case, i am sure on satuday you can buy “a la carte” with just your 4 day pass and classic target matchplay. @kdeangelo ?

Yes, there will be CTMP tickets available with the required 4-day pass on Oct 29, regardless of what happens with the All-In package.

Yeah yeah just fewer available! :upside_down_face:

looking forward to this - expect the all-in will sell out pinburgh style - love the innovation!

Seems like if you want to play high stakes you pretty much have to buy the 1k package, as its the only thing on sale for 48 hrs.

iirc High stakes is capped at what, 80- people this year? Any chance of opening its purchase on the 27th if you don’t want to do the match play?

There will not be. The All-In package will be the only item available prior to individual ticket sales on Saturday.

Yes, High Stakes is capped at 80 players.