INDISC 2020 - The Open IFPA Championship!

Tournament registration is now available at

Save time on-site by registering now! You can also purchase tournament entries online with credit cards or Google Pay once registered and logged in.

All players will be required to take a profile photo on-site prior to participating in the open qualifying events.


Credit cards?!? Oh boy it really is new PAPA


My accountant is REALLY EXCITED about this :neutral_face:

I think I should send your accountant a nice gift :grin:

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Man top job Karl and team - integration with stripe so Apple Pay and boom you are good to go! No faffing with medieval paperwork or tokens! This is how all tournaments should be! :smiley:

I hope you make this available to future DTM users!

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Not a chance . . . I’ll volunteer IFPA credit services for THIS ONE EVENT ONLY :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think anyone else would want to deal with the tax burden and payment fun that comes along with accepting credit cards. I suppose it’s possible for anyone with a Stripe account.

We got too big to manage with cash only. It was so fun walking into our Banning hotel at 1am Saturday night with $30k in cash, hoping no one would notice us.


A Blues Brothers meme seems appropriate :smiley:

Yes payment cards can be non-trivial but here in the UK, at least, it’s just the norm now.

Honestly, to make all that work - utterly fantastic job!

My wife is absolutely thrilled with the prospect of me running around California with a credit card. I hear it’s just like Oklahoma.

Will ticket sales still allow cash?

I’m going to say yes. Ticket sales are run by the museum and I can’t imagine they wouldn’t take cash on site.

Sorry lemme rephrase: will INDISC entries allow cash?


Beat the Clock settings:

Time: 2 mins
Clock speed: Medium fast
Specials add 25 time units and set pretty easy.
Bonus will hold after collect.
0 tilt warnings. Tilt penalty is 15 time units.

Last year I brought a friend to spectate and they bought a 1 day pass with cash. I would assume the policy won’t change and you can buy a full day with cash.

Isn’t there some bug with tilt warnings enabled in that game?

Pretty sure this will encourage intentional draining until 2x playfield running.

Yep… Was reminded about this…
So…no tilt warnings. :slight_smile: