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INDISC 2020 Announcement Video

We’re very excited to announce that our 9th annual “It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament” will be held at the Museum of Pinball in Banning, CA from January 9-12th, 2020!

The Museum of Pinball will be OPEN for INDISC 2020! 500+ pinball machines on Free Play!

New this year:
~ We are now the 5th major! - ‘The OPEN’ IFPA Championship!

~ Senior Division

~ Classic Target-Match Play tournament - Thursday Jan 9th!
(Match-Play tickets go on sale Sat, Oct. 26th at 9am PDT. Ticket link: [
Max 2 tickets purchased per player.) (100 person cap!)

More games!
More space!
More players!
More prizes!
More days!
More fun!

A Stern Pro Circuit Event.

INDISC 2018 prize fund was over $22k!
INDISC 2019 prize fund was over $30k+!

All divisions will be card-based qualifying.

Thursday, Jan 9th, Noon-10pm
Friday, Jan 10th, 10am – midnight
Saturday, Jan 11th, 10am – midnight

Full schedule and more information on our website:

More details to come!

January is a great time of year to come visit CA! Make your plans now to get out of that snow and rain and spend some time with us! :wink:

Not interested in playing in INDISC 2020? You’re still welcome to come see what all the ‘Museum of Pinball’ has to offer…and you can watch the best players in the world battle it out for huge cash and prizes!

Watch all the action on our overhead monitors! =)

Co-directors: Karl DeAngelo, Jay Collins and Bob Matthews

We’re always looking for more sponsors! Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list!

Look for volunteer signups in December.

Like Trivia? Win free entries and have fun doing it! More Details soon!

Finals live-streamed on Twitch TV!

Hope to see you in January!!

Jim, Karl, Jay and Bob


Is there advanced signups and/or caps for any events?

I’m excited that, for my 40th birthday, I’m going to make it out to California and play pinball at INDISC!


Updated the announcement.

The only limited capacity event is the Thursday Match Play… 100 people max.
Maybe be increased at a later date… we’ll see. =)


Everyone, feel free to completely ignore this thread. Nothing to see here until Sunday. Certainly no action you might want to take this Saturday at 9am PDT.

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Are there pricing details available for the card-based qualifying tourneys? Can’t find them on the website unless I am missing something.

Reminder: Tickets for the INDISC 2020 Classics Match Play Championship go on sale THIS SATURDAY @ 9am PDT -

Limited to 100 participants. Don’t miss out!


Pretty quick sell out…

wooza… they needed 200 tickets!

Join the waitlist!

Maybe more spots announced at a later date.



I never received an email letting me know I was on the waitlist- just making sure I made it and wondering how far down I am? I’m booking a pretty expensive trip depending on this so it’d be nice to know where the waitlist stands :grimacing:

There’s a post on our Facebook event page with the player list and wait list, for now. I’ll get it on the website in the near future.

Cool- thank you!

Hopefully you add about 60 more spots :grimacing:

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Earthvsmatt don’t forget that there are many more tournaments happening during the Open. You will have plenty of things to compete in if you book a trip.


INDISC Pinball Festival Passes Now On Sale… Also, new for 2020, INDISC Challenges!

We’re pleased to announce that you may now start purchasing your INDISC Pinball Festival event passes -

Full Event Pass
Thursday 1/9 to Sunday 1/12: $150
Pass includes 2 Entries to The Open Tournament—a $40 value

Single Day Passes
Thursday 1/9 Only: $45
Friday 1/10 Only: $45
Saturday 1/11 Only: $55
Sunday 1/12 Only: $45
Child 12 & Under Daily: $20

The Museum of Pinball is kindly contributing $15 to the total INDISC prize pool for every attendee who plays in the tournament. Remember, it’s more fun to compete


And now for the fun stuff… announcing INDISC Challenges!

All registered tournament participants will be eligible to compete in a variety of fun and challenging side competitions in order to attempt to win a limited edition, commemorative challenge coin (photos coming soon) to celebrate their victory—or defeat. An example of a few challenges you can vie for…

Ruler of the Universe
Awarded to the player with the best combined performance in The Open, High Stakes and Classics (I or II, whichever is better).

What’s Up With this Pinball Thing?
Awarded to the highest Open qualifier who has played no previous IFPA endorsed events.

All Manufacturers Accounted For
Qualify for Open finals with a card consisting of one game from each of the following manufacturers: Stern (classic or modern), Bally (pre Williams), Williams (including Bally/Midway DMD era), Gottlieb and Jersey Jack

Do it For the Kids!
Make the largest donation to Project Pinball. If tied, first person to have donated wins.

Plus 21 more!

For more details regarding rules and eligibility, and to see the entire list of challenges, please visit the Challenges page on

Hope to see you in January!!

Jim, Karl, Jay and Bob


Full list of challenges:

That Josh Sharpe one is :rofl:

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And the odds that the Josh award will be won by … Josh … are … ?

I guess that makes this the list of eligible players? :-\

Player # of Times Finishing 2nd
Daniele Celestino Acciari (ITA) 4
Josh Sharpe (USA) 4
Jason Werdrick (USA) 4
Keith Elwin (USA) 3
Jorian Engelbrektsson (SWE) 3
Bowen Kerins (USA) 2
Lyman Sheats (USA) 2
Cayle George (USA) 2
Zach Sharpe (USA) 2
Andrei Massenkoff (USA) 2
Franck Bona (FRA) 2
Raymond Davidson (USA) 2
Krisztián Szalai (HUN) 2
Neil Shatz (USA) 2
Dave Hegge (USA) 1
Cryss Stephens (USA) 1
Paul Madison (USA) 1
Mats Runsten (SWE) 1
Dave Stewart (USA) 1
Mats Anderson (SWE) 1
Joshua Henderson (USA) 1
Trent Augenstein (USA) 1
Joey Cartagena (USA) 1
Andy Rosa (USA) 1
Tim Hulin Bouard (FRA) 1
Karl DeAngelo (USA) 1
Donavan Stepp (USA) 1
John Kosmal (USA) 1
Andreas Harre (GER) 1
Mika Ylonen (FIN) 1
Linus Jorenbo (SWE) 1
Jarkko Koske (FIN) 1
Brenn Oosterbaan (NED) 1
Taco Wouters (NED) 1
Michael Trepp (SUI) 1
Damien Charlety (FRA) 1
Cesare D’Atri (ITA) 1
Johan Genberg (SWE) 1
Bo Mertins (DEN) 1

Don’t blame me, but this challenge needed some clarification… the above list is inaccurate and I’ve updated the description to better reflect the intent of the challenge.

Awarded to the player with the best finish (but who doesn’t win) in The Open, who’s previously finished exactly 2nd, and never won, in an IFPA endorsed major championship.

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I’ve updated the above list to better reflect your updated description :slight_smile:

Player Name 1st place finishes 2nd place finishes
Josh Sharpe (USA) 0 4
Jason Werdrick (USA) 0 4
Neil Shatz (USA) 0 2
Cryss Stephens (USA) 0 1
Mats Runsten (SWE) 0 1
Dave Stewart (USA) 0 1
Joshua Henderson (USA) 0 1
Trent Augenstein (USA) 0 1
Andy Rosa (USA) 0 1
Tim Hulin Bouard (FRA) 0 1
Karl DeAngelo (USA) 0 1
Donavan Stepp (USA) 0 1
John Kosmal (USA) 0 1
Andreas Harre (GER) 0 1
Mika Ylonen (FIN) 0 1
Linus Jorenbo (SWE) 0 1
Jarkko Koske (FIN) 0 1
Brenn Oosterbaan (NED) 0 1
Taco Wouters (NED) 0 1
Michael Trepp (SUI) 0 1
Damien Charlety (FRA) 0 1
Cesare D’Atri (ITA) 0 1
Johan Genberg (SWE) 0 1
Bo Mertins (DEN) 0 1

How does Werdrick just get a PASS on all this shit? :stuck_out_tongue:


Simple: he doesn’t talk about it nearly as much.