INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


Fish Tales


teed off


Really? You put Whoa Nellie in the tournament??






Happy 2019 all!

Time to see who’s awake…2nd clue time!

Ok…here we go…good luck!

‘Patrick Stewart’


Robin Hood


Captain Fantastic


Well done Ian Harrower!!
Excalibur added to Main!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for… 5pm today! (Pacific time) :smiley:


(A bit late…sorry, technical difficulties.)


Here are the rules:

Following below is a bedtime story by Bob Matthews. In this story are hints/clues to the 5 machines that will be in the High Stakes bank.

1st person to answer all 5 games correctly wins a $50 High Stakes Card!!

All persons attending INDISC are eligible to play this trivia…even if you have ‘maxed out’ on our regular trivia.

Players can post a ‘5-game answer’ here, once per day, after 5pm (PT)

Games can be from any Era.

No further clues will be given!

Also, our regular trivia will continue to run as usual…so, keep an eye out 4 it.

Alrighty, are you ready…?

Thanks again to Bob Matthews who conjured up this trivia!

Ok…here we go…GOOD LUCK!! :slight_smile:
Once a-PUN a time, a band of heroes set sail in search of adventure. Their quest was interrupted by encounters with mythical beasts, but not the ones foretold. The first was not the dreaded hydra, nor one of the Harpies, yet it shared aspects of both. It was strangely friendly, too, when approached the right way, and since they faced it so, they passed unscathed. The next was akin to Triton, born of the sea, deadly when aroused yet on occasion able to be of great service to those in need. But they observed that its child was nearby that day, so they gave it a wide berth lest they arouse it. The third was akin to Talos, but in scale more like a child of the hydra’s teeth. It’s father had once visited Triton’s father. This creature looked like it might help them find their goal, so they gambled on it’s good nature and were rewarded. The heroes then quickly rowed through the trees into the setting sun, and to the promised land.


I don’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of this game in my life.


Think Countdown for basic playfield layout, but with a center ramp and some Fire-like side locks.


Thanks, yeah, of course IPDB was able to fill me in, but it’s always fun to learn about a new game, especially one that’s deemed to be worthy of play in a tournament as prestigious as INDISC. I’ve reaaallly gotta get out there sometime!


Time for some more INDISC trivia!

Scroll up and down for rules.

Ok…here we go…good luck…1st clue:

‘Anheuser Busch’




Big Buck Hunter




will the brains of SD prevail onc again!


It’s after 5pm, so my next guess!
Iron Maiden