INDISC 2019 - 'It Never Drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival!


Time for some quick Xmas eve INDISC trivia!

Scroll up and down for rules.

ok…here we go…1st clue…

Me: “What do you want for Christmas Gianna”?

Gianna: “I want a ________________”.

Me: “I don’t think Santa can get that down the chimney…it’s too big.”

Gianna: "Just tell Santa to bring it through the front door…and,

we have lots of room in our two-car garage." =)






Nice job Dennis Eichhorn!
Congo added to Women’s/Kids bank!


That’s a good trivia!



Hope everyone is having a great Xmas week!

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And now…time for more trivia!

Ladies and Gentlemen…Welcome to INDISC 2019 Tournament Game Trivia!!


Since we’re moving to the ‘card’ system in 2019, we’re changin’ up the trivia awards a bit.

1 trivia win = INDISC pin or patch!
2 trivia wins = INDISC shirt!
3 trivia wins = Everything! (Pin, Patch, Shirt AND 1 entry card for any division, except High Stakes. (High Stakes will have its own trivia! Watch for it in late December. - ALL players will be eligible for the High Stakes trivia!)

All ‘wins’ are the same, no matter how many clues it takes.

Clues will be text and/or pics.

Only 1 winner per game, so answer quickly! (Also, 1 guess per person, per clue (usually daily)! (MAX 3 ‘WINS’ per player!)

Game trivia is for attendees only!

If you feel for any reason that you might be ineligible to play…you probably are…so don’t! (Or, ask me 1st!)

If you wanna play for fun, email me at!
AND, OF COURSE, IF YOU’RE NOT PLANNING ON ATTENDING, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM PLAYING. Thank you from me and everyone WHO IS planning on attending!

Any questions? Email me at

Please post all answers either here, or my email.

Ok…here we go…good luck everyone…1st clue…

‘Nice loopin’ sir’!


High Speed




Air Aces


Iron Maiden


Lethal Weapon 3


That one weird game plan game with the figure 8 shot


2nd clue time…

Ok…here we go…good luck!

‘It’s a trap!!’




Well done Jason Werdrick!
Mousin added to main!


It’s trivia time again!

Scroll up or down for rules.

Ok…here we go…good luck…1st clue:

‘This trivia is easy…easy as x,y,z.’


Figured it would be an East Coaster…even though you spelled it wrong! Congrats to Jason Werdrick!

Warlok added to Main!


Happy Saturday all!

Time for some more INDISC game trivia!

Scroll up or down for the rules.

ok…here we go…good luck…1st clue…

“It was such a beautiful place once!”


Boom!! Nice job Travis Mitchell!
Voltan added to Classics!