INDISC 2019 game settings discussion


Why were most players choosing to go for the center target to light locks on Jackbot rather than the far left target? I just started watching the high stakes tournament and thought that was strange… maybe I missed the commentators talking about the reason.


I think @Adam and I talked about this on the stream and had differing opinions, but his matched what you are observing. I have always gone left, with an err on hitting the scoop it I miss. This way I don’t kill the visor on a miss. Adam argued that the center is an easier shot because it is in a natural spot on the flipper and tends to be a safe deflection. He argued the hole kick out is often not safe anyway.


Since the Pin-Bot days I’ve always been . . . GREEN TEAM! :slight_smile:


So you can miss, hit the scoop with Keno lit to ruin your insta open like I did :slight_smile:


i shoot the left target as well, in case i miss though don’t listen to me as I got obliterated by Keith, Cayle and Fred :slight_smile:


I don’t know. I saw a number of shots to the center miss by one target. I’ll have to try this, though. I’ve always been a far left target player.


I’m a center target guy. I have a better success rate hitting it, and the ball gets less side-to-side action, giving me a better chance to use my ball saver (or even three-switch it).


Those flippers on JB were aligned slightly higher than factory which took me a few shots to adjust to. Normally I am a cross-shotter but with those the saucer backhands seemed easier.


I noticed while watching the stream that Argosy was setup in “easy” mode where simply dropping a ball through the skill shot lane would not only award the left gate but also light the saucer for 2x bonus.

This seems like a strange choice for a high level competition as it removes the need to shoot the drop-downs, a risky and challenging shot but one that represents great risk vs. reward when it can double your 100K bonus.

Any idea what the thinking on this was? Seems like requiring the drops to light the saucer would have made more interesting competition.


Can you elaborate a little more on this? I’m not super familiar with the game, but from what I understand the only way to light the bank is through the left inlane. So when I start the game and Lite Lock is lit, and I shoot the bank, doesn’t that mean I can’t never qualify Disable computer, Call guard, or lite deposit window?


The left inlane lights the teller award for a few seconds…which is just a mystery award. However, the lit wheel is what lights the ‘bank’ awards you speak of.