INDISC 2018 - 'It Never drains in Southern California Pinball Tournament and Festival'!!


They said they will stream the Women’s finals, but the Women’s tournament is currently in the semifinals round


Yes they will move women’s final four to the main bank after this round I believe


Classics results: Raymond, Germaine, Will McKinney, Karl.


Women’s results: Danielle Peck, Louise Wagensonner, Stacey Moritz, Michelle Lewis


Great job on the Stream. Top Notch.


What a great tournament. This has certainly become a can’t miss event for me. Thanks @pinbwzrd, @kdeangelo, @BMU and all the volunteers that made this event possible.

My highlights

  • great games. Some of the best playing games around. Star Light was awesome.
  • interesting game setups. Choosing rules and setup to force different strategies on games is great.
  • the stream setup was killer. @kdeangelo continues to push the limits of what can be done. Thanks to @mwelsh for running the booth during the finals and Nancy for all your help. Thanks for letting me on the mic.
  • Met some new people and got to catch up with some people I now truly consider friends.
  • Womens division seemed like a great success. Super positive feedback from my friends who played in it and thank you to streaming the final 4.

My low lights

  • I choose not to rent a car this time. Got a ride with friend from and to airport. As much as this worked out, I struggled with food. I like that onsite food existed, but it was not really great. Not having a car stopped me from shopping or leaving to eat.
  • Sunday morning Uber coverage was bad. Glad I didn’t need to check in for the finals :slight_smile:
  • classics finals area was a little crowded. It seemed fine for qualifying, but during finals round it was tough.
  • play better


Tournament was incredible. Thanks to @kdeangelo and @pinbwzrd for all the hard work that went into this. The best tournaments are those that run so smoothly that you don’t even really notice.

I don’t know how you both did all that, while still getting to play…all while somehow not running around with your hair on fire.

The tech/streaming setup was incredible. The monitors above the games and the great viewing area really made the show for me.

Great job to everyone else who had a hand in this, and special thanks to everyone who did scorekeeping.


Best tournament stream I’ve ever seen. Thanks for all the hard work from everyone involved.

Thanks also for streaming all divisions and not just A.

Great great stuff.


@scorbit is awesome! One bit of constructive criticism, though: bigger font? There’s a lot of background space, and a lot of whitespace around the scores. Even streaming to a 50" TV, they weren’t easy to read. I’d make them huge at the expense of a pretty layout.


I echo this - incredible job on the tournament stream. The effort showed. Loved the DMD extender use. Great work to all involved.


Had the tournament stream on all day yesterday. Thanks for the excellent coverage!


I watched a bunch of the streams and couldn’t help but notice there was a ridiculous amount of wicked shimmies executed over the weekend. Especially yesterday. Most were successful in getting the ball out of the outlane, although a good number ended in tilts.

For the weekend anyway, the ‘It Never Drains’ moniker was definitely appropriate. Some of the outlanes were getting dusty. Leave it to Jim and crew to come up with an entertaining lineup of games.


Thanks for the feedback. That was mostly my fault. I was so focused getting the backend code ready that we didn’t have time to make things look good on the front end. Will make it bigger and better soon!


I’d also add that the visualization opportunities here are endless. We’ll work on making some better default views available for simple use (or include in a stream), as well as work with others to incorporate our data.


@kdeangelo and @pinbwzrd : incredible event and stream. Bravo!

On the fly, Karl adjusted the Instant Replay to be able to be shown in the Player Cam window, so they didn’t have to cut away from live action, when appropriate. Just phenomenal streaming skills and execution. Jaw-dropping.

And those pins looked like they were in such fantastic shape and lots of care in the setup.


Just wanted to say great job to everyone from the competitors to the folks in the commentary booth to those on the technical side and behind the cameras! I was glued to the coverage all weekend, and learned a lot about the various rules and competition strategies on the machines. As well as watching awesome players playing great pinball. Excellent job to all!


Not that it needs to be said again, but INDISC is one of the best tournaments all around. Karl and Jim and team do an amazing job and their game curation is tops! Tough tough competition but lots of fun and with the Museum of Pinball opening up with so many machines it’s a must attend event. Really recommend others to come check it out if you haven’t been. And In-n-Out Burger is pretty close by :slight_smile: We stayed in Palm Springs this year which was nice and not that far away…


A little late getting these posted…been a crazy 2 weeks!

INDISC ‘Main A’ Division winners:

1st: Robert Gagno
2nd: Zach Sharpe
3rd: Colin Urban
4th: Chris Chinn

INDISC ‘Main B’ Division winners:

1st: Corey Dunn (Yay, IEPL!)
2nd: Martin Robbins
3rd: Matt Young
4th: Ryan Wanger

Congratulations to the winners of our Inaugural INDISC ‘Women’s’ Division!

1st: Danielle Peck
2nd: Louise Wagensonner
3rd: Stacey Moritz
4th: Michelle Lewis

‘Classics A’ winners:

1st: Raymond Davidson
2nd: Germain Mariolle
3rd: Will McKinney
4th: Karl DeAngelo

‘Classics B’ winners:

1st: Scott Kutheis
2nd: Megan Sprague
3rd: Hayden Harker
4th: Mark Schulz

Congratulations all!